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thank you

nice puzzle game. i think it deserve better graphics.

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nice game idea and mechanisms for a puzzle game

very good puzzle platformer. i like the it that you need your enemies to pass level.

good game. i liked game feel and UI.

nice graphics and god experience


i played it and liked it. its very polished. its a good minimal card game experience. i can learn a lot from it. 

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amazing game. I liked smooth moving and physics and also  theme of contrast between order and chaos is great. maybe it could be more emphasized. congratulations

actually it's on a local app store called  cafe bazaar. i don't know if you can download it. 

here the link:

nice game

i made a puzzle game with similar mechanic with to object that should meet each other in a certain point

nice art

i like it

thank you honey🌹. 


thank you for your comment.(i translated it with google translate:)). i wanted one navigation for all platform. i'm glad that you liked it.

I have an idea. 

I think this theme and mechanic  is  good for a physical card game.  

kind of fun

nice tool.

i love art style

i edited it. Please relist it.  Thank you.  

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please check my new game.  It's a puzzle game. Each level is a maze of color blocks and there's a creature that wants to get to the door.  It's combination of removing proper colors and simple platformer elements. 

Please try it.

It's cool if be continued. 

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it's my first game on  i made this by gdevelop.  I like to know your views about it.  


Fruits from sky