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P.S. This game is incredible. Please keep updating it. It's easily the new Stardew Valley if you put your heart and soul into content updates. Idk what you did differently in this game vs. your others, but you're seriously onto something huge here. Also, feel free to raise the price by a dollar or two each content update. That's how Minecraft released and it makes sense for you to make more money as the game gets longer, while also giving incentive to early adopters to keep playing it and sharing it due to the free updates.

Nvm he said in the intro that it's a beta version for Patreon supporters. But having the version visible in-game would still be very nice so that I can correlate release notes to whatever version I'm playing from Steam.

Can you please add a version number to the title screen? I have no idea which version I'm running and I'm also confused about how to get the update that Retromation showed on YouTube on July 1st. Does he have early access to it somehow?

Dude this game is soo much fun! I didn't even remember where I got it, just found the demo on my desktop and decided to play it tonight. I'm actually kinda sad it's not out yet, I assumed it was an old game, haha. It seems like the demo has changed compared to some let's plays I've seen on YouTube, e.g. the island to the far right on the map is covered in clouds for me, there are no triangle pieces, etc. Anyway.. I wishlisted this on Steam, good luck on making the rest of the game and here's to hoping to a smooth and successful release!

This is amazing! Wow. It needs more content, sure, but the polish is phenomenal. Some of the level design could definitely use improvement. I would recommend make the starting platform always exist in both light and dark worlds so that I can switch between them to inspect the level without dying.

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This is not the first game I've seen using this concept, but it's very well done! I had a lot of fun playing this demo, and would love to see a longer version one day.

Source code archive is missing most of the source files.

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Also, a lot of the dialog buttons are in the wrong place / overlapping other UI elements when playing in 1920x1080 fullscreen.

Man.. this game is totally unplayable right now. The tutorial wants me to Drop berries at the campsite, but when I clicked "Drop" nothing happens. I don't know if it's related to the resolution issue.. what resolution do you test with? This game seems really fun and it's extremely frustrating that I can't continue.

There's a typo in the character creation screen for Scholars: Add Skill "Medcial" instead of "Medical". It's minor, but gives a bad impression before the game has even started.

The game is really beautiful and intuitive (I didn't read any of the prompts and figured out all of the mechanics with very little trouble). Not much of a puzzle game, though. I beat the whole game in about 3 minutes (including figuring out the controls). It would be cool to see some harder levels.