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Ah apologies. I am by no means searching for medical advice. Or so, didn't want to come across as such. I was looking for more so advice from others like myself on how they work with working on a game despite their illnesses. My brain is a bit funky so I can understand if my wording came off differently. But I appreciate your insight regardless and again, apologies for the mix up. Thank you for your answer.

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Hi everyone. My name is Dandelion. I am looking for some advice. 

I wasn't sure where to post this, so if this is the wrong forum I apologize.

I am a digital artist and have been inspired to be a game developer for years now. I've messed around with all sorts of programs, GMS2 and Godot are the ones I'm more familiar with. Regardless, I've been learning to work with these programs for years. I've started my journey almost 8 years ago and never got a project complete. Not even a small project. I'm always bursting with ideas and I usually am motivated to work on them, but I have some set back.

I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and ADHD. Not only can I not focus on things, but when I do my body gets exhausted. Sometimes I am even confine to my bed and lay there with no ability to get up for awhile. It sucks because I either get severe fatigue or I just cannot for the life of me keep still and learn. Because of them, I'm even very forgetful and sometimes forget what skills I've just learned. Energy drinks used to help me with focusing, but now I have to watch my caffeine in take. I do see a doctor and a psychologist, take meds, and ect but this is something that sadly can't be cured.

What are some ways that helps you through tough times and through your illnesses to work on your game? This can be physical or mental health illnesses. 

What advice would you have to help me with my situation to help me progress on my own game? (More so question leaning towards those with CFS)

EDIT: Fixed my questions. Again sorry for the mix up!