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Good stuff! Great presentation. I loved everything bouncing and grooving, though it was sometimes a bit too much to take in. When the obstacles started to get close together, it became difficult to figure out where to jump. I tried jumping from one obstacle to the next, but it could be hard to predict where I'd land. Solid start on an endless runner though, good job!

Good job! Great level design, love the audio (though, for a longer game, the jump audio would've needed some variation). Controls are pretty slippery, and I wish I didn't have to hold the spacebar for so long to get the highest jump. Keep up the good work! :3

Very cool! I couldn't get the undo button to work in the HTML5 version, so I couldn't play through the whole thing, but I did enjoy what I did play!

Hello, I am looking for an artist to collaborate on a project with together. You can check out my work [here]( Looking for some one who can have a vid chat or phone call (or meet in person if possible) once a week, is able to do work consistently (not necessarily quickly) and who finds capitalism at least a little suspect ;P

Would like to work on something small in scope and chill, and maybe work our way towards larger-scale projects if we want.

Message me on discord (danarchist#8089) or through my portfolio. Show me your work, talk to me about the kinds of projects you wanna work on, let's see if we click.