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You start with a female MC, but switch to a male MC at some point in the story.
After that you will alternated. But not by choice, the story switch from one to the other.
And it seems to me that you play more the male MC than the female. But maybe it's just subjective, I didn't measure the time :-)

I will wait your new game!

It's great to see you are working on a suite of AME !
Is this the sequel to AME, or a remake ?

Is there a chance to have a female protagonist (lesbian) version ?
I know, this is a very niché type of game, and it's require almost twice the time to develop (at least it's double the number of renders). But, you will have at least ONE very happy customer :-)

Not true, it's you that give us Free Pass, so it's you that are the best. With Stella of course.


As I have writing on the F95zone page for Free Pass, Michelle is magnificent !

Always happy to help.

Hi alliterativeactivities.

I would like to know if there is a lesbian route in your game ?

If so, is it a pure lesbian route (no sex with men at all) ?
Or how many can't be avoidable ?

OK, thanks.

I will stay with the Patreon release.

Hi Vasilisa.
Just to be sure, this version is the same that the one you release late June on Patreon ?

I think Glacerose add a minimum price on itch to be consistent with the release on Steam. Otherwise, why pay for the game on Steam if you can download it here for free ?

I have bought some games on itch, and I got access to the updates after my purchase (without paying for them). I suppose it's the same for this game.

I run in a exception at the end of game:

While loading <'Image' 'BGs/credits1.png'>:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 4701, in script
    with dissolve
IOError: Couldn't find file 'BGs/credits1.png'.

I check in the game\images\BGs folder, and the credits1.png file is missing.
And it's not in the archive I download from here.


Sorry for the delay, I didn't see your replay before...

It's a pity, but I know female protagonist and pure lesbian route are rather small niches.
I will keep an eye on your game anyway.

Thank you for answering me

Is it only male protagonist ?
Or can we play as a female ?
And if we can play as a female, is there a pure lesbian route ?


I play a bit with the last release (v.0.0.9[3]), and I can't crash the game anymore.
But I also have a Windows update. So maybe you fix the bug, or maybe it was an issue with my Windows and the last update fix it.

But I get another minor bug.
I go to Larklast, and I get a quest (by Sthae in the inn if I remember correctly). But this quest don't appear in the Quests menu.

My PC just freeze, then reboot !
No error message, no blue screen of death...
I'm on Windows 10.

Sorry, but I get a major crash of the game that even crash Windows !
I get it 2 times.

Yesterday, it was when I try to open the Equip option from the Menu.
I redownload the game this morning (the Windows build) . This time, it didn't crash when opening the Equip menu, but when trying to buy an item at the Thessalia market.

Also, may I suggest that you add a letter after the no version when you release a fix. By example 0.0.9a for a first fix, 0.0.9b for a second...
Because it's a bit hard to know if the last version I download is the last available.

Great news!

Very promising game. Hope to see the chapter 2 soon.

I have just ran in the same little issues as others:

  • Play a female, but surprising get some beard :-)
  • Get the following error after the whipping scene:
    Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: getVal: Invalid type for value. 'undefined' = type undefined, but should be integer
  • Even if it say that Reyth and I have developed some strong bounds, she's still justlisted an acquaintance and not a friend in the contact window.

Cool to see you still work on this game.
The alpha version was very short but very appealing.

I have decided to buy this game, hoping that you will continue to develop it.

I just hope you will also still work on Inevitable Relations.

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I have just play the new update (C2).
Really like it.

But I ran in 2 issues:
1. I try to load the save from the previous version, but I get an exception.
I suppose, that as I often see it with games in Renpy, save aren't compatible from a game version to another.
2. During the dialog with Marco the first day, when he just got out of the shower, I ran in another exception.
It was just after the line "Yes, this, uh... because of gender inclusion you know?" from Alice. I click 2 times on "Ignore" and was able to continue the game. Maybe it was because Alice was to much turn on by this handsome male naked under his towel? :-)
I keep the trace file if it could help you. I just don't know how to send it to you.
I didn't get any other issues (even after ignoring the exception), so as I was able to continue it's not a big deal.

It's really a great game by the way.
The arts are stunning, and the CG great.
The story is well written.
And the MC is endearing. Really the cute next-door girl, just nerdy enough, that you will love to meet IRL. I hope she will keep her glasses, and not succumb to the use of contact lenses, glasses are sexy! :-)
With her own desires and needs, but like any healthy young woman, not some sort of crazy sex driven freak.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

I have just finish the 0.4 version, and really enjoy it.

I like that even if he must corrupt the girls, the MC isn't a bad guy, care about their feelings and want to help them.

But the way that you end up the current version is pure cruelty!
It's a true cliffhanger as in the end-of-season episode of a TV series.

I saw your two others games.
It's just that I like the theme of AME very much, I always liked story of survival after an apocalypse.
And to be honest, for what I see on the screenshot, I found the ET girl from your last game really too skinny for my taste.

Hi, I just bought this game today, and I really enjoy this little game.

I like the fact that even if it's a NSFW game with sex part, you feel you have relationships with the NPCs and may fall in love.

I like the CG, even if the girls are a bit too skinny for my taste (I tend to prefer more curvy women). But it's an apocalypse after all, where you don't always eat as you need. So skinny peoples are the norm.

It just one big issue... it's damn to short ! :-)
I really hope that you will add other chapters. I know you have just realized another game, but I hope you won't forget AME.

Thank you for the update.

OK, I will wait for the update then.

Thanks to answering.


I start a new game in the 0.26.0 version for windows 64x, but I encounter a bug.

I'm trying to complete the "patrol with Throb" mission, but when I go out during curfew, even if I wear the guard armor, other guards chase me. When I'm caught, I ended in jail (still in my guard armor). I can't advance the mission.

I don't remember having this issue with the 0.24.0 version.

Wow, thank you for the hints !
I can't believe I missed all this money...

I finally had enough to buy the tapes.
Like you, I can't do anything after.
We have to wait for the next update.

I get the 10$ from Flora. After the "haggish incident", when Mrs L. lock you with Isabelle and Flora in the Homeroom. You can play a game with Flora where you hide something (doesn't recall what) with 1 of 3 cafe cups, and she has to find where it is.
If she loose, you can ask her to kiss Isabelle, or get the $10. And I was too greedy to chose the kiss scene :-).

But, I never found the 2 $20 on the bulletin board, nor the one used as a bookmark... I will check again.

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I was able to start it.

Now, the issue is... how to find $50 :-)
I just manage to get $13.

Well, It's really seems to me that Jo and Flora are the mother and sister of the MC.

He may be a bit confused by is back in past travel, but the two talk like they are his family...
Maybe the MC is a foster kid, so they aren't his biologic family. But I haven't found any clues yet that confirm this.

If this is indeed the case, I think it's will be great to have some info about it.

This would add some depth to the history and psychology of the MC.
Maybe it's just cliché and some "cheap psychology", but having been abandoned by his biological parents may explain a bit the lack of confidence and low self-esteem the MC has.

How do you start it ?

I have 3 started quests (Dethroning The Queen, Art Through Suffering, and Poolside Story) that I can't progress, because they seem to be unfinished for now ("coming soon").

But I can't find how to start another.

Playing the 1.1.1 PC version by the way.

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I'm stuck in the Short Fuse quest.

I have activated the guide, and it's seem I must put a cake, a bottle of brown beverage (some soda I suppose) and an apple in one of the student desk in the English Classroom.

I manage to get a slice of cake, a salted soda bottle, an an apple.
But I can only put the cake inthe desk, after that, I can't put any other things in the desk...

Edit: Nevermind, I finally figure I just to put one of theses items at a time, and wait for the next day...

Late reply (sorry), you must grab a cutboard, a knife and some ketchup to fake that you have cut your finger.
She will leave the kitchen to fetch a band aid.

Hope all is OK now for the artist.

Well I was starting to think I was the one that wasn't the keenest, even if I do have a penis ;-)

Never mind.
I'm must be very dumb, because I just discover that I could push the bomb by moving forward when the bomb is in front of me...

It's works, thank you.

Sorry to bother you again, but now I'm back in the dungeon, in the tunnel where rock men throw the bombs. I went to the second screen, and pull the lever. A bomb appear. I suppose I must use it to blow out the rocks that block the path, but I can't take it. Clicking on it do nothing... Nor than clicking on the barrel near the rocks.
What I'm missing ?

I have found 2 bugs with this minigame.
First, don't save after you heal the little girl but before launching the minigame. Because  you can't heal the sick people then. Clicking on them just play their dialogs.
Second, the counter is buggy and counts 2 too many. When I heal everybody, it's still count 2. I can't finish the minigame, and some of them get sick again...

Is there a way to progress the story without going to the clinic ?