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Yup! In the process of finishing the page up ;)

For future game I will try :)

Hey there, Chapter 4 gets released next week Friday :)

Not at the moment, Im hoping for a late July early August time frame though.

Yup! The game will have 5 chapters total. Im working on 4 for now.

Thank you so much :)

Sorry for the late reply!

Thank you so much :)

I dont at the moment but Im hard at work with it :)

What do you mean?

They're in my profile, I have them seperate. Would you like a link?

Do you have any base sprites? I  love your style but I'd like to create some custom ones :)

It is,  just disregard that piece of text. i never took it out of the game haha.

Hey thanks for the heads up I fixed that glitch :) Also I do have 3 more chapters in mind, the third should be out by mid December :)