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those files are there in case you don't have them. Try moving them into the games root folder. 

If that doesn't work, try windows update

This is perfect. Will there be more?

Each copy is on an independent platform.

so, no error or black / blue screen or anything?

What version of windows are you on? Have you run windows update?

currently no, they are just there to give context to the gallery.

as of right now, I plan to keep the price the same. Unsure on steam achievements, etc

well, mscvr stands for Microsoft visual c runtime. I suggest running Windows Update, or download V C Runtike from Microsoft itself. It is a software dependency required to run the game 

There will be. Please remember the game is only version 0.3.5

There should be a folder called "Common Missing DLL". Start there and see if adding those files helps.

If not, I recommend you run windows update, and also install microsoft visual C runtime

What is the license these assets can be used under?

Go back to luccias house after completing the orc villa

you can only upgrade magic somewhere in level5 (for now)

inside one of the tiny houses. Closest to where you enter

I am aware of that issue. It only happens in the earlier levels. I am working on a solution

yes. As a matter of fact, when if you purchase now, you will own it no matter what

Thank you! This absolutely made my day

Depends on what version of game you have

Not normal. May be an issue with your display drivers or Direct X version.

Hello. This is not your run-of-the-mill hentai game where lewd content is shoved in every corner of the game. Its meant to be an actual fantasy RPG, that can still be a fun game even without the porn.

It is still in early stages, and I can only make lewd stuff so fast. All or the lewd content is either part of the story, or in the gallery that gets unlocked during progress.

Can you give more information, such as where you where when you tried to save? And what error it gave?

Hotfix uploaded

Im going to release a hotfix shortly

What version are you playing? There is currently a workaround that prevents the save-load crash.

you should have access to the build if you paid for the previous version. Once you buy it here, it's yours. 

Worst case, DM me on discord and I'll help you out.

alright. I'll check into what's happening and get back to you.

If I find the culprit, I will be publishing a hotfix

at what part does it crash in the tutorial?

Are you accessing the menu at any point?

Which version?

additional facial expressions? I'll consider it!

Thanks for catching that so quickly, I already published a hotfix

uh oh

thank you =)

The orc stuff is getting an update and then we are moving onto the next species 


You shouldn't HAVE to use admin priveleges.... but im glad it worked out. It may be due to your security settings.

Its a save loading crash. Im working on it

There will be a steam demo "when its done"... I want HH to meet the high standards of the steam community first.

might need more information. What operating system are you on? What type of video card? 

There is a folder in the game directory that has required DLLs that should make the game work.

In the Heavy Hearts directory is a folder called "Common missing DLL files".
Use those DLL files to fix the issue.

Lots of fun!

im a big fan of pixelart and an even bigger fan of collecting and redeeming things.

Resurrection rancher has both. Lots of effort was put into this using my favorite game engine - PGMMV. Knowing its capabilities, I see that Baz and Noob have used every feature available to make this a satisfying game.

That is due to a known issue with loading saves in the current version with my engine. a patch is coming shortly.

It doesnt give you any errors?