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dm me on discord and I'll help you

players who purchase the game get all updates, after patreon supporters.

it automatically detects your native language. 
You will have to change the language of your PC

I complete changelog will come soon.

In the meantime, I've posted several partial changelogs you can read.

The stars are not fully implemented yet, so don't worry about it. There is currently no reward for getting all stars.

use fire when he's cold and switch to ice when he goes red.

When he's red, it's a DPS race

Hi, as of now I don't plan on it.

press Q on world map

Thanks for reporting. I'll post a hotfix 03 for this.

Hi! I'll be releasing Hotfix02, which will fix this problem within an hour or so.

Hi! Yes, you need to get a second item from the Chef, too.

hi! I post wip art  ane exclusive content in partreon/substar and sometimes in my discord channel. Hope that helps!

Only if there are fans willing to come to the discord channel and assist with the translation

Not without more information, friend.

Its controller friendly, but different types of controllers vary significantly with button input. So, you may need to rebind keys with F1 if your controller is different.

In order to beat him, you have to finish his sidequest with Scab & Acnea - which is only doable in the paid version.
Basically, you need to obtain an item from the Cook and the Blacksmith Orcs that stop him from healing.

i love final fantasy but didnt want to make a parody, lol

Not available in this build

Unfortunately not

Any soundcloud link or something with a preview?

Thank you! Im a solo developer so I appreciate all of these.

I'm not entirely sure what your talking about, but the game is tagged as a windows only game.

I cannot offer support to any other OS. Glad some people have some success in emulating it.


yeah, pixels looks quite good for ai, but can't be too careful

Is it ai?

oh shit grafxkid is back

Contact me on Discord and i'll help you out

mvscp140.dll is supplied by your operating system.

Usually running Windows Update does it all, along with checking your drivers.

As a last resort, look up the missing DLL in google.

you have to use it on her closet, not the door.

unavailable in demo

you are not supposed to activate the rain again. Once you do the Orc quest, its not repeatable outside the gallery.

hiya, since the game is a work in progress, it is always being updated. I hope to get a better save system by next rollout.

Poise Gauge is similar to MP, Mana, or Stamina. Its needed to use abilities or magic, regens slowly over time, and if you run out, you get staggered and cant move.

There is a gallery. Go back to level 1 and instead of going right, go left.

it drops randomly or you can buy it from the merchant after L4


check inside one of the cabinets in the Male barracks rooms

nope! You own it forever.

use the keyboard keys in the bottom left of your keyboard.

Z, x, c and v

Oooh, ill read into those next