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Hi, it's very fun and interesting :) I'll always need to create some devils, demons and others when i play solo. Thanks !!

J'ai juste commencé une petite partie et c'est ma foi bien sympa :) Merci.

<Just to say i played this morning and i really liked it :) and, if you want, you can mix it with Exquisite  Biome to add some fauna ^^

ça marche ^^ tiens moi au courant :)

Salut, ça se tente en solo? J'ai pas joué au jeu d'origine.

Bon et bien maintenant... y a plus qu'à comme on dit ^^ Merci :)

Merci :)

Donc, soit je commence par faire monter mon D de rituel pour le perdre et augmenter moi foi soit... comme le D de rituel ne peut descendre du D4, je fais mon monter ma foi d'une façon ptete peu conventionnelle ^^ et je m'occupe ensuite de faire grimper le D de rituel :) c'est jouable?

En fait, j'ai fini ce matin le solo d'un hack de the 1000 years old vampire permettant de jouer... un dieu. mon dieu est donc mort et je vais jouer sa (tentative de) résurrection avec Au bout du sommeil. ensuite, en fonction et comme je joue en mode SF, l'histoire de ce dieu deviendra le centre d'une grande campagne solo que je compte jouer avec divers jeux SF :)

Bref... merci ^^

Salut, c'est une question bête mais... je crois avoir compris qu'on démarre avec 1 point de Foi. J'ai comment on perd les points mais j'ai pas trop compris comment les gagner. Est-ce que, par exemple, je peux en faire l'objectif d'un jet de D ou est-ce qu'il y a un point de règle qui m'a échappé (ce qui est fort possible ^^) ?

Go for it! it's a very cool game !! :D

Cool! Je lirai tout ça avec plaisir. Tiens nous au courant :)

En fait, je crois que mon premier avis vient surtout du fait que mes tirages de dés au début ne m'ont pas trop inspiré sur le coup. donc, en soi, ce n'est pas le jeu qui est en cause. Après, peut-être préciser un peu plus les règles concernant le stress et les états, comment on les coche etc. Pour le stress, je ne savais pas trop...

Et pour ce qui est de le mixer avec un autre, je ne pense pas modifier les règles de celui-ci mais plutôt le jouer tel quel en mode "spin of" et réutiliser les éléments dans ma campagne de Seekers. Genre, mon perso de Seekers va mener sa propre enquête sur les fait qu'on lui a rapportés, selon que le témoignage aura été jugé sérieux ou non (en fonction du nombre de "vérités") :)


Juste pour dire que j'ai terminé tout à l'heure ma 1ère partie. J'ai dû jouer en deux fois (à cause du boulot 0_0 , bref...) et j'avais que ma première demi-partie m'avait un peu laissé sur ma faim mais... en la poursuivant ça a pris de l'ampleur et au final cela a été vraiment sympa :)

Dans le cadre d'un jeu en campagne, je me suis juste permis de prendre le point de vue du témoin, soit un membre d'une organisation qui recueille ce genre de témoignage. Du coup, je pense ainsi pouvoir maintenir un certain fil rouge tout en changeant de PJ à chaque fois. En fait, je pense ajouter ce jeu à ma campagne de Seekers Beyond the Shroud, ça rendrait bien je pense.

Bref... merci et à très vite pour la suite, c'est ça ;) ? 

Hi and... fanx for answer.

I understand the "problem" ofOGL and i hope you will be able to publish your work.

But maybe everything you creatd could become your own solo RPG ;) ?

"je dis ça, je dis rien" as we say in France ^^

Have a nice day and fanx again :)

Hi, just to tell i am currently playing a long game of "Seekers..." and your expansion help me a lot :D

Fanx but... is there another somewhere? 0_0 Did you hide something ? ;)


Just to tell i use this game as a spin of my solo campaign of Seeker Beyond the Shroud. I play an important NPC and... wow! it's very cool :) Fanx!

Hi, no problem for delay ;)

i won the Grandma and this weekend i would like to start a new game with the same PC but with the previous game in a sort of "sandbucket".

and i ask myself if i won't alternate solo and classic games after. the story took to a Silent Hill flavor and i really like that !

fanx again and tell us when you ll create new game or add for this one :)

Hi, it's me again ^^

After reading the previous game, i use a D4 to consider Mind & Muscle as Threshold. it easier to resist ^^

for the last fight against all the Horrors of the week, i just roll one D per Horror et take damage. but i was lucky and no D roll above my thresholds so... i survive :)

I hope i played well. it was a fun game and i ll play again but before... i'll try to play solo with the "classic" rules.

PS: how to use the companion in the solo game?

Fanx again :)

Hi a fanx :) i take note of these rules.

just to be sure, Mind = sanity or it's an another roll at the beginning of the game? and... the same for body and muscle ^^

i have again 4 days to play... wish me good luck and... i wish lots of hack of your game. it's cool :)

Hi, sorry for stupid question but... what happen when Sanity or Body = 0? and what about Mind and Muscle? i start with 1d4+4 too? for the moment (i am Wednesday), i did not need this stat ^^ Fanx for this game. it's cool and my game sounds like Silent Hill :D !!!

You're welcome, all the pleasure is for me ;)

Oh OK ^^ Thanks a lot... and, as i am here... thanks for this game i really like :)

Hi, just to know what's the difference between these new files and the olders?

You're welcome. I really like Cast Away :)

Hi, just to tell i've played this morning a party with Brain Food and another one with Ground Controll. I really liked them and not only my 2 PCs survived ^^ Really, those modules are very cool and i can't wait the next ;)

For my next Ground Control, i think i'll drop some Zombies in the corridors ^^

Thanks a lot :D !!!! I will survive!!! I hope ^^

Hi, i played my 1st game last weekend and it was very cool!

My PC recovered his freedom and the best is to come with the next zoo keeper ^^ 

Fanx !!

(sorry for my bad english 0_0, i am french ^^)

héhé, i choosed a main character who make proposition and roll a D6 to see how the others vote. 1-2: refuse, 3-4: abstension, 5-6:OK ! after, i confess it was to easier to consider that if the proposition was accepted, the other PCs play with all their stats die. play like that is a little "mechanical" but interesting because it creates story. i played in the future of my solo campaign of Seekers Beyond the Shroud. so, my PCs were looking in the tunnels for an access to the Omphalos they finally never found ^^

Hi from France,

Just to tell you i played my 1st game total solo, without GM and another Pcs. I managed a party of 3 and... they now all run in screaming in the tunnels :D

I really liked to play and i'll do it again asap ;)

i am already waiting for the next ;)

Hi from France!!

I am currently playing Seekers... and your "sup" will help me to improve my game.

Fanx a lot :)

Hi from France :)

Just to tell this game is very cool.

You can play in a fantasy setting, of course, but it's very easy to play in another one. I played in SF or in  the universe of Metallic Tome or Bones & Basements and it was very cool.

I really liked how what happened on the zoo can have conséquences on a wider world.

Fanx for this game !!

Hi from France (so sorry 4 my bad english ^^)

Just to say i currently play this game and i really like it.

It makes me thinks and feeling... happy! Really :)

Fanx a lot !!

Yeah!! this is game is cool!! it's just some peoples are stupid & become agressive when they read something they do not understand ^^

OMG!!! yo know what, there was people who did not understand it was just a game and they had reactions... aggressive. they made a signal and one post (maybe several, i do not know) was erase 0_0

de nada but... after reading some coms... i think i'll wait a lil time before another meta-RPG on fb ^^

OK, i am happy to read that :) it is maybe a good news 4 me too ^^ i ll see next saturday ;) fanx again !!

Hi from France (so sorry 4 my poor & bad english)

I started to play this weekend and i publish my lil diary on FB ^^ . Today, i draw the 3 of Spade that ask me about the previous owner. But i did not know any previous owner 0_0 So, i thought about the author. Maybe he is the previous owner and i've just wanna know if he's safe after created this game. 

Fanx 4 answer, it's maybe important ;)

Hi from France :) Just to tell i really liked it ...

and fanx for your game... i am waiting for the next ;)

I love this game!!!

I love how the moves are described. this toolbox for dreamr asks us to be so smart ^^ 

and the matter that this game interrogates us about visiting the dreams of the other is very intersting too

and... sorry for my bad english but... i am french ^^