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héhé, i choosed a main character who make proposition and roll a D6 to see how the others vote. 1-2: refuse, 3-4: abstension, 5-6:OK ! after, i confess it was to easier to consider that if the proposition was accepted, the other PCs play with all their stats die. play like that is a little "mechanical" but interesting because it creates story. i played in the future of my solo campaign of Seekers Beyond the Shroud. so, my PCs were looking in the tunnels for an access to the Omphalos they finally never found ^^

Hi from France,

Just to tell you i played my 1st game total solo, without GM and another Pcs. I managed a party of 3 and... they now all run in screaming in the tunnels :D

I really liked to play and i'll do it again asap ;)

i am already waiting for the next ;)

Hi from France!!

I am currently playing Seekers... and your "sup" will help me to improve my game.

Fanx a lot :)

Hi from France :)

Just to tell this game is very cool.

You can play in a fantasy setting, of course, but it's very easy to play in another one. I played in SF or in  the universe of Metallic Tome or Bones & Basements and it was very cool.

I really liked how what happened on the zoo can have conséquences on a wider world.

Fanx for this game !!

Hi from France (so sorry 4 my bad english ^^)

Just to say i currently play this game and i really like it.

It makes me thinks and feeling... happy! Really :)

Fanx a lot !!

Yeah!! this is game is cool!! it's just some peoples are stupid & become agressive when they read something they do not understand ^^

OMG!!! yo know what, there was people who did not understand it was just a game and they had reactions... aggressive. they made a signal and one post (maybe several, i do not know) was erase 0_0

de nada but... after reading some coms... i think i'll wait a lil time before another meta-RPG on fb ^^

OK, i am happy to read that :) it is maybe a good news 4 me too ^^ i ll see next saturday ;) fanx again !!

Hi from France (so sorry 4 my poor & bad english)

I started to play this weekend and i publish my lil diary on FB ^^ . Today, i draw the 3 of Spade that ask me about the previous owner. But i did not know any previous owner 0_0 So, i thought about the author. Maybe he is the previous owner and i've just wanna know if he's safe after created this game. 

Fanx 4 answer, it's maybe important ;)

Hi from France :) Just to tell i really liked it ...

and fanx for your game... i am waiting for the next ;)

I love this game!!!

I love how the moves are described. this toolbox for dreamr asks us to be so smart ^^ 

and the matter that this game interrogates us about visiting the dreams of the other is very intersting too

and... sorry for my bad english but... i am french ^^

J'adore ce jeu!! Parce qu'il demande aux PJs de mouiller le maillot et aussi parce qu'il se superpose très bien à d'autres systèmes. On peut ainsi, dans le cadre d'un autre jeu, biclasser nos persos pour en faire, en plus, des connectés et utiliser toute la mécanique d'Omniscience pour structurer le récit, partager la narration etc. C'est vraiment bon :D

I played monsters who need to eat humans or drink blood too ^^ différents sorts of parasites. i've also played a sort of vampire from the french RPG Steamshadows. this vampire is a little bit different , more… reptilian ^^ in Steamshadows, there are lots of horrors who feed themselves with blood, flesh, feelings etc. i like it :)
TYOV is realy cool for creating a NPC and his diary that my others PCs will meet and read :)

Fanx again for your games and see you soon for the next ;)

I love this game!!! i 've already played so many vampires and other monsters with it ^^ Fanx for having write it :)

Je sens qu'il y a derrière ces mots des informations essentielles concernant ma prochaine mission. Je m'en vais de ce pas me prendre la tête afin de saisir ce que ceux dont vous connaissez le nom attendent de moi et leur apporter une entière satisfaction.

alors attention, question bête… elle consiste en quoi l'update au juste?

Terre de Sang est un très bon jeu, très intéressant et… on peut aussi y jouer en solo :) Et puis, dans la foulée, autant jouer aussi à sa version Millevaux :)

Lu & approuvé!! c'est génial, j'y joues dès ce matin :D merci !!!

Juste pour dire que c'est une très bonne aide de jeu. Je l'ai souvent utilisée avec des systèmes et des jeux très différents les uns des autres et à chaque fois j'ai pu explorer cette ville et retrouver l'ambiance comme si j'y jouais sur ma vieille PS2 ^^

Hi from France !! :)

 I played Cabeswater solo (without GM, i was the only player ^^) and it was really cool :)

This game is very intersting.

Fanx a lot

i've played Eat your Darling solo and… it's awesome !!! :)

i've just read it and really like it :) fanx !

i did not receive the mail with DL Key.

Is it possible to have it?