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Very neat, got a highscore of -5100 ;) I really dig the artstyle and music, it's quite hard to make such a catchy tune.

Tested on firefox: does not work. The error message says "Warning! The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing: Cross Origin Isolation, SharedArrayBuffer".
Switched to Chrome and everything is fine.

Neat little game, I would suggest that the count starts a few seconds after the "play" or "restart" is clicked as it takes precious time to move your hand from the mouse to the keyboard.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the player animation could be better, and it is a mistake from the beginning of the jam -- I just pulled the random asset and just went with it but I guess I could have paid more attention to that as it is in the center of action.

Thanks for posting the screen recording, very original! I felt it was done by a true QA :D

Wow, the graphics and music is the next league, amazing!

Had some problem understanding exactly how to defeat all the enemies, and maybe an interactive tutorial would be better (I understand time constraints though).

And as someone mentioned, I think the vampire should be slower or at least it's first form should stay a bit longer.

Amazing entry!

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OMG I barely made it, it is quite tough at the end! I liked the minimalistic vibe of it.

BTW if you get a power-up and click escape and back the game starts running but the powerup menu is still there, restricting clicking anything else (yes, I forgot you should click the X instead of ESC but anyway)

Some ghosts remind me of the Gaster from Undertale, not sure if that was intended but cool detail.

Oh, thank you for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind!

Wow, very well  thought, I loved the riddles, though at some point it was way too hard for me, I think the cards were a little bit hard to read but I'm not sure why.

Great job!

Very original, I liked the process of creating the potion from the scratch (tho killing those little things and then blending them, oof.,.) 

I would suggest adding a tutorial / explanation to what is happening, it would ease the difficulty quite a lot

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That "cmon son" got me good!

The transition from title to the game got me worrying and I wanted to just turn it off.

The gameplay is very nice and smooth but I had problems with getting the correct color, I understand time restrictions though.

BTW changing between the scenes resets the audio which can be fixed with setting music player as auto load.

Very cool game, little scary but boy it got me running for those torches.

Good job!

Neat game for the first entry. I liked the artstyle/feel and the music!

I'd somehow restrict the player from mashing up the buttons btw.

Thanks! I actually thought it might be a bit overpowered and tried to spread enemies as much as possible but glad you liked it!

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Thank you!

Yeah, the sheep friendly fire was intented to make it a bit harder, though as delphonso mentioned, it should come with wider corridors.

And don't worry, no real sheep was harmed while producing that game.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! The art style and sound effects are listed in the credits, check them out! :)

Nice game, I like the hordes of the monsters vampire survivor style, similar to my game. 

BTW when it comes to the particles of movement instead of just making them visible I'd only monitor the character's speed and just change the emitting value so it does not vanish immediately.

I very much enjoyed the riddles, maybe just cut to the night once you got the correct item?

Thank you! The art and the sound can be found in the credits, check them out!

That's true, it would be much better to have a step-by-step tutorial but as you said it, not in that time frame. :D

The music, the art style, the idea, the execution - everything is perfect for me. I want MORE!

This is my favourite aesthetic of the jam so far. I love the paper style; especially with the night light.

It would be nice to add more feedback of the enemies hit/sfx.

Waiting for more games from you!

The story and the introduction are very neat, the music fits the overall vibe well.

I missed some of the sfx of the characters but that's alright.

I liked the swing mechanic but I'd suggest to have character move slower for that size of the level.


Cute game for the first time for the time you got! Adding some sounds would polish the game more so keep that in mind. Also: why is my camera constantly going to the down right?

Nice tower defence game, the story intro is very cool! The voxel style is pretty and fits the style.

I'd just add the color indicators from where the monsters are coming as I missed the second origin direction the second wav, which leads me to another thing: please add the reset the wave button!

Cute little game, I definitely want more! 

I would suggest that when drawing blood you allow the player to move but slower as once the ghost starts blasting it's hard. Additionally I would make the projectile a bit faster and bigger to ease the difficulty a bit, I struggled with that.

Overall very nice!

Yeah, first game was Again for the GWJ #49, you can check it out here. :)

The graphics and the story for that entry are amazing! The music is fire too though I don't think it fits the calm vibe of the scenes.

I was lacking the feedback of the wolf SFX and the movement was too slow for the speed of the animation.

Waiting for more games!

Whoa, the destructible piece was very impressive! I liked the music, sfx and the ritual animations!

I would change the progress bars a bit as they don't fit the theme (best would be texture ones with some pixel theme)

Overall great job!

Thank you for playing! Next time I will think of some kind of indicator to maybe make this thing easier.

I liked it a lot! It's a really original concept and I would like to see more to that game!

The problem I had was that you can only push the enemies once they're dead - meaning if they are next to the wall you cannot move them out ever again.

Additionally I'd suggest adding the navigation nodes to the tilemap in order for enemies to just find the way to the player (can be done with a *soon deprecated* Navigation2D or Navigation2DServer)

As always, great little game, everything fits together, the artstyle, sounds, gameplay!

And I think the dithering is a great little detail. Did you make that with updating tileset?

Very cool! I had some problems with getting the beat exactly + there were some on the end that I did not need to clock, so that threw me off a bit.

I think showing the beatbox of the enemy with that beatbox visual would help a lot.

Great idea overall, I dig the art style!

Very, very cute! I like the drawn trees, they have some vibe to it. And you branch out the story which is a very neat thing.

One thing that bugged me a bit is that you have to click the "Yes" button in order to enter the door - I already want to do that so no need to confirm, maybe better just show a text above player's head saying "Enter door?" or maybe "Leave house?" and then just do that on the input.

I like the stalkeresque vibe to the game alongside the PSX artstyle. Very much packed in a game for a jam!

I had some problems with figuring out the mechanics though so maybe a better tutorial/some notes for player to read would be appreciated.

Thanks! Not only they move faster but also their value determines how much health will the player/portal receive from them (the bigger the more value)

Thanks! I appreciate it. And yeah, it would be too hard without the tutorial :D

I really dig the story! Nice little game, I'd only suggest that the enemies shoot lazers a bit slower as I did not really have the time to react/move away fast enough.

Great effort for the first game jam, waiting for more in the future!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, wider corridors would be much better, that never occurred to me!

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Cute little game, I like the own style and music fitting together and it is a very strong asset. I had trouble with coming up with the words sometimes but managed to finish the game in time.

If you every plan on a post-jam update I'd recommend changing the input method from the normal text which you have to focus and maybe just listen to the keyboard input yourself as it is faster and more natural to me at least.

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Fun little game! The music and pixelart are lovely and fit together, I am quite jealous.

I love the little timing twist altough I think that since it is movement sensitive I'd allow player to stop immediately when no input is detected.

BTW did you have any problems with performance when drawing that many enemies? I must say that my own project exported to HTML has a few hiccups when there are many Kinematic 2D Bodies.

Thanks for the feedback! I added the hit sound and the explanation for the score being the time you survived longest (I don't have an idea for the score system yet so it's an open door).

Cool artwork, I like the overall vibe of the game. I'd suggest that the responsiveness of the character should be faster.