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thats kinda sus

even if they did its like a fan made gam

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you have to open inspect mode

i beat it i am a professional hacker man

wont load

the game wont load for m

now what do i do after i got the gigantism formula upgrade?

i dont get what you mean like do i wait and they fill or no because I have been waiting for a long time and I am having the same issue

first try 13 rounds

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iwilliam tell me when theres more levels thx

cant read anythin

ok thx iwilliam

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i cant get it to start

iwilliam, is there rlly only 8 lvls

is there a walkthrough?

nvm i figured it out

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im stuck on the 7x3 puzzle

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its fun

im on the burgrgendion thing burger planet

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i dont know what to do next


hi siren how do i delete the player name bc i am struggling

plz add more tasks and plants

also is the mini fridge being able to open just a design or no

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the cave plant?

edit 1: i dont know if it is that i have not tried it myself but i will

edit 2: I have come to the concusion that... no it does not grow in the mini fridge

how do u boost the speed of the plants growin


i think this is very interesting

write down your thoughts on this gam



I have this weird glitch where when i try to start a new game it just continues from day 26 and so on and it says (no one came in line today) and then ends the day.

need help