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Good luck! It took me a hot minute to understand the interface, but so far it seems great for converting rpg mv tiles to Godot this being the plugin

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Will you ever consider having a ready to go package with your tilesets for Godot? Found a cool plugin from github that simplifies turning your tilesets into Godot's format, though it does take some time. (Worth noting the water animations are fully functional!)

It has an auto importer for A1-5 tiles, though for B-F I think you have to manually create the tiles, which is my only complaint for their plugin. 

Would I be able to email you what I mean as an example of Godot ready assets? From my testing you can drag and drop them into any godot project with this setup and it'll work out of the box(bless the plugin creator, I could not figure out how to get the tiling setup otherwise)

I love the art direction in this game, what did you use for the pixel modeling?

Glad you like it! I also made it public on my page, I just haven't gotten around to showing a preview image yet on there.

Really like this! I used it for the background and for the tab backgrounds. This is for a basic to do list app I made, and me and my friend like how this looks with your art!

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proper video this time

Here's me finally making use of the tileset! When I got the ship rocking, and edited the environment to make it glossy like its actually wet from the rain, it looks super nice!

I'm gonna attempt to make an individual model out of the sails, that way they can be animated to flap.

Omfg I cannot wait until Im paid next

Using the floor tiles from the ship, I made the base floor, and then I copied the tile and edited its color and made that the ship exterior. Then I believe I took the window and railing from the village tilest. I don't see a way to make the sails work, but I think I can add magic sigils in the back to imply the ship is exerting a water current to propel it forward.

If I ever finish/get far in this game, I look forward to adding a 3d ocean around the ship and seeing how it looks, along with it having rain too. 

Thanks for the link! I'll see what I can do with the parallax, maybe I can get something to work, since as long as the camera doesn't turn, it can theoretically work.

A simple wooden boat that isn't from any modern era. The ones I've seen with rpg maker are good but sadly specific to RPG Maker. 

It's also occurring to me having a boat in this small compact size and shape is definitely not suited to the era I'm going for lmfao, so I might have to insert some of your wizard rune stuff and try out water effects with unity's particle system to make it make more sense via magic for the boat I'm working on. 

By the way, does your itchio page have a forum or anything? I know some itchio creators have one on their profile somehow, and I think it'd be a good thing to have since it'd be better for me to use that instead of me putting every single 3d dungeon test under the product itself, but I can't find one on your itchio. 

If you wanna look into other 3d tileset tools, this page lists a few and offers its own tool specifically for Unity.

It lists Sprytile and Crocotile3d, the latter I haven't tried yet. 

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I uh tried replying to the old post but it got yeeted I guess.

Trying out your tiles in Sprytile now in blender, and I'm loving my tests so far! There's no dedicated light testing yet, but lordy am I liking it so far.  I love that your tilesets can be used in any engine, bc it's so much better for my budget to use Unity, and also allows me more creative freedom with the coding.

P.S. please make a boat tileset at some point.

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Deleted my original post, since I decided I can probably go a tad further and better showcase how your foliage, tuscan(the door), and this pack look in 3d!(mz3d, for those unaware, there's a version for mv and mz)

Really love this cozy tileset!

It's extracting them all now, so I assume it's working properly now. Thanks!

I can download them but even with Winrar it still gives me errors, even when I rename the extension to .zip. 

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Did a bit of reading on the plugin formatting, and the reason the help info doesn't come up on the MZ plugin is some of the initial stuff is simply out of order. 

Putting it in this order fixes it

* @target MZ
* @plugindesc v1.3.8 A techtree plugin.
* @author Felski
* @help

The plugin commands obv won't work, but there is essential info in the help for how to setup the plugin. (I tried figuring out how to fix up the plugin commands, but I don't know enough about the plugin to mess around with that at the moment.)

Could you make a detailed post at some point explaining what can and can't be done with the plugin? Are there script calls we can use, and do the other unlocks you use the skill tree for work, like stat upgrades?

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Just played around with that myself. Changing the resolution to 1280x720 for main window and UI fixes this for me.

Edit: Yes, I did make sure to use the main menu plugin you were using. 

Edit Edit: Just tested it with the UI resolution by default, and I am 99% certain you have the UI resolution not equal to your Screen resolution, since the same exact thing you have in your screenshot is what happens when I keep the UI resolution smaller than the screen. 

I didn't see anything about sound effects, so I went ahead and added one with this line at line 74, other than that this seems great!

AudioManager.playSe( { name: "Stare", volume: 100, pitch: 100, pan: 0 });
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It has a steep learning curve, but it's super worth it and thankfully they have a discord that I'm in if you need any help figuring it out. (I'm DecayingDev)

It does cost a pretty penny, but you can use the demo version of MV3D for the MV engine if you want to give it a try before buying it in MV or MZ.

Bought this on your website, and MAN these look great! Used them in MZ3D and they are fantastic!

That dragon head is super terrifying in 3D, which I love. 

Upon further testing, all I can note for certain is use the Itch app installation for the Linux version, since the way it runs is inconsistent across different Ubuntu installations otherwise.

I recently moved to linux so I can more easily "focus" on my projects and avoid getting distracted, and I super appreciate how you designed the skill-tree app to be usable from any platform! A big issue with some of the fan-made rpg maker tools is they're windows specific, but yours is perfect!

Oh my GOD so I did find the passage you mentioned when I last played. But I only just now saw that there are stairs in that room... I somehow walked ***around them*** every time I got into that room.

I noticed when reloading my game that the pots give me items again when I break them. Is that intentional, are you meant to be able to farm pot breaking?

I'm pretty sure I went down that path too but I'll check again. 

Liking this so far! It's giving me a lot of ideas for my own stuff.

Only problem I've had is the first building you start using field skills in, I can't find a way past. I assume you're meant to get through that building due to the person on the other side? I managed to burn the one obstacle, but it seems like it's a dead end after. (I even back tracked and can't find a way to progress)

Only other 2 things to note is that you can abuse the auto pathing using clicking to skip through the forest rather than mash directions to find it(which may or may not be intentionally left), and you may or may not want to fix this tile xD.

I was really enjoying it, even if I'm at a road block now. There's a lot of cool ideas here, and none of them clash with each other which is good.

This is super cool, and a lot of effort was clearly put into this. If I make progress in my project I'm most likely going to use this plugin!

Are we allowed to use the images for a project in Unity, or does it have to be explicitly used in Renpy? I love this, but wanted to make sure 

I went through over half the game with >60 and it not ever triggering the event

I enjoyed this but I find it really jarring to start the game as the prince, switch to playing as the demon driving him into submission, and when you finally reach the goal of making him submit, you suddenly switch 1 who you are playing as and 2 who's side you are on.

It's very disconcerting to go through the game as one person and then suddenly you're supposed to be rooting for the person you just spent the entire game driving into submission. 

The beginning was fine, since it did a very good job of setting up how horrible the prince is as a person, so you don't really feel as bad when doing stuff to him, or it drives you to want to do stuff to him bc of how bad he is. It's just the sudden switching at the end that irks me. 

I also encountered a weird glitch. You say if the water is > 60 the prince will ask to relieve himself, for me he only did it once. Later on I had him at 200+ water to try triggering it and he never asked for the rest of the game.

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What does and doesn't give you XP? I know knocking out gives you XP, and winning in dominance does as well. I assume submitting doesn't give you anything? 

Ahh, tooltips is a good way of making it clear what bar/icon is what.

YES. The time limit increase has made the game much more enjoyable for me. 

I think it would be better if it just said "Inspiration x%", since I kept thinking that was something else entirely xD. 

Especially when there isn't any clear indicator of how much inspiration you have, and how much is required, so you have no idea how long you should be waiting unless you spam the continue button. 

So far this is fun, but two big issues at the moment for me are

1 There is no clear way of knowing your % of inspiration, until it's too late and you've lost a job you're 90% into because of it. As well as no decent way to get inspiration back other than spending XP, or buying books you rarely get. It might be a good idea to add some new paid service the player can use to get inspiration, that is more costly but can be helpful when in a pinch. 

2 It's too easy to become stuck in the beginning, and not be able to unlock short stories. When you level up for the 2nd time I believe, is when that one job comes up requiring drama to do, I got a point in editing not realizing drama was going to be needed soon, and had to wait forever to get another 50 xp just so that I could advance the game. 

The game is definitely interesting, and surprisingly fun to occasionally find a new requirement to advance, such as to submit short stories you need X amount of fans(I've already forgotten the amount). Which does set clear goals and things to focus on to in order to meet those requirements.