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How do you get 1000 credits?

I am also having this issue. I am on windows

Wait where is the fire plate?

Honestly, this is more representation of the language than it usually gets even in Ireland. While I warn against Google translate (RIP Irish homework) ( is better and can help with pronunciation), I love seeing the language used and hope you continue to use it, accurate or not. Thank you for this. 

(Literally seeing any irish furry content is not visible so thanks for doing this).

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Douglas........ an bhfuil gaeilge agat?

Thank you <3

I am not sure how to befriend him. I am pretty sure I've done everything, but the only interactions I get with him are from speaking to him in his shop or the inn.

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How do you come across Rohan's naked sprite?

I still playing on about 4 hours sleep in the span of 37 hours roughly. Suffice to say I am enjoying it.

However, as an anthropology student, I am shocked that there isn't a furry vn called 'Anthro-pology' at this point because games with this trope of finding oneself in a new world (which i love) is immensly anthropological XD. Stop making me think pls T_T

Everytime our main character speaks for me, I get an error screen.

Is there a guide? Can't seem to get with Vic or Nel. Loving the game so far.

I'm not sure if i have reached the end of this version. Can you actually meet with Skru a 2nd time yet?

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This was not the game I was talking about >:)

and i clicked the link literally just there........... I should have known.

btw when was the last time you thought about the game?


Seriously through, love the content so far. Imho, I don't think "new" in necessarily good, especially if it is preventing an amazing text like this from getting anywhere. Taking inspiration from the world around you is usually how art forms. Nothing comes from a vaccuum.  Best wishes.

NM, It works now

How do you mean the client

I get this too, but I can't seem to play the game at all

Is Chuck speaking in an Irish accent???? If he's speaking in a North Dublin accent, I feel pretty represented rn :').

Thanks. I genuinely struggled with this one. Not proud of myself there

Is this download for patreons only?

A veteran, I see.....

NM, found Lash. But still don't know how to get the mpreg stuff

How do you meet lash and how do you access mpreg?

Not gonna lie, I will miss the old translations. It made for some genuinely iconic lines. I don't have friends with benefits anymore, I have "friends with rights" XDDD!!

Keep up with the fantastic work!

Okay thank God. I thought the next one was the last update until the game was completed, and I can't wait that long, please XD. Take your time though! Great game!


Thanks, I'm pretty excited to see what you have in store for us

I think I completed lost lamb first. Either that or its a level thing

How do we find Biggs and Cotton?

Also who is -1 everyone's comments?

So I was looking for a patreon account for you and couldn't find one. If you don't have one and are doing this without pay, then you work at the speed you want, mate. It's nice to keep us informed, but you are under no obligation to work in a strict and grueling fashion at all. Look up David Frayne and Chris Carlsson, but tl;dr,  money is handy, but can suck the joy and soul out of some works due to pressures and obligations that money brings. It's why monetising a hobby can be a bad idea, you'll just grow to hate it. I'm not saying that you should or shouldn't make a patreon for this, but I am saying that this is your project and we get to enjoy it purely because you want us to. So take your time, do your best, and enjoy what you like to do. It's a good game, you've got us hooked, and you've even been so polite as to give us an update. We should have no problem waiting for what we know will be great!

Ahh this is the Patreon version. My mistake

I want to, but I'm not sure how I'd go about downloading this....


How do you go about downloading this for mobile?

Had to remeber it was the 1st April. My heart.........

In all seriousness though, loved the game so far. Excited to see what comes next!

Sorry, but not with that attitude. If you keep enabling Tuesday to push you around, then its only gonna lead you to get hurt. You tell that Tuesday that: She ain't that special; ever since their glow-up, Thursday is way more sexier and fun; and finally, if she doesn't spend 24/7 working her attitude, she is gonna lose the one good thing in her life. YOU! Don't let her treat you like crap. You work too hard for that!

Okay! Time to call out a Toxic B!tch!!!!!!!

how dare tuesday not say hello back.............?