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0.4.3 android link leads to Mac release.

I'm confused. To get the newest updates upon release used to be 25 dollars, which is why I bought the game for that much. Why is it now 100 dollars to get the newest update???

I think you messed up when you uploaded these. They say you need to pay 100 dollars or more to get them.

I'm trying to use this, but it just stops at 64% and just stays there. Any idea what's wrong?

Why does v1.21 say it was put up 88 days ago? Isn't that the newest update?

Quick question. Will you ever make that beautiful art in the header the actual main menu screen instead of just the loading screen? Cause it would look so good as the main menu screen. Better then the empty pink anyway.

Any chance of getting this on Android?

Hello, I'm confused. v0.7 from Patreon has vids from NP, but it also has vids not in NP and not in this. And this is labled v0.6. So yeah, I'm confused. Was content taken out of the game??

There is no download links I can access. ?

Can I ask why there's no demo available for this?

If I buy this game for the 10 dollars do I get access to the update or is it only for Kickstarter backers? I actually pledged to the kickstarter but had to cancel it before it was successful cause I was having money troubles...

Yes hi, just wondering, if I pay 12.60 for the latest Star Knightess Aura update on, will I get access to all future updates as well or just this one update and next time I'd have to pay again?

Will this update be coming out on the Steam version too?

The latest update, 0.5 isn't uploaded for some reason.

Quick question, is the protagonist a man, woman or neither? 

If this was posted today why does it say 52 days ago? I'm confused.

Oh... :( I saw the LGBT tag and just assumed... Booooo...

YAY! :D A yuri game this time! WOOO! :D

YAY! :D A yuri game this time! :D WOO! :D

YAY! :D EP 2! :D

Hey, the file that says WindInTheCrown-2.0. Is that eps 1 and 2 in one game, or is it just ep 2?

The screen still gets forced into portrait mode, making the game real small.

I know alot about porting renpy games to android, if you'd like I can try to fix this issue.

An odd question I know, but can I ask what program you used to make this? It looks like Ren'py but the file structure is like nothing I've ever seen. Don't worry, I'm not messing with it, just curious about these kind of things, you don't have to answer.

Is this still getting an episode two??

So excited for this! :D Especially seeing as I'm getting it for free since I already purchased the old version for $5. :D SUPER LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS :D

I'm afraid I have to report some pretty game breaking bugs in the android version.

So first off, even though the game is now in landscape view, which I like, the screen still forces the device into portrait mode, causing the game to be religated to the middle third of the screen making it hard to read anything cause it's all so small.

And second, if you exit the game, and then try to start it up again, it just goes to a black screen so if you want to even try playing it again you have to uninstall and reinstall it.

I hope you can fix this stuff, I really love this game and was excited for the GUI changes..

Will there be an android version for this like there was for Angel Inn and Dungeon Dreams??

Yes hi, I was just curious, there's this one game on here that recieves updates each month, and there's a different price for the newest version compared to the public version.

If I was to pay the price for the newest version now, would I always be able to access the newest versions that are subsequently posted at that price point, or would I have to pay again each month if I wanted the newest version?

Will you ever add any female love interests to this?

Is there any chance of getting a download of this in Android form? I want to have it with me always and not just when online.

Any chance of porting this to android?

Would you ever consider porting this and the base game to android?

Nooooooooooo, Please don't change from Ren'py to Unity. PLEASE. I am loving this game so much but Unity games always crash on my PC... If you offer an android version then it's fine, but if you only offer PC then I won't be able to play anymore...

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Would you consider making a version of this game for android? My PC can't play it for some reason so I really hope you do.

How do I download this game??? I'm not seeing a single link on this page to download it from.