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Played through the game a few times (loved it btw), controls were nice and easy and gameplay was fun. The looks of the game are amazing, love the cute style and Marshmallows :)

I have a few notes from my playthrough.
- In ultrawide the main menu screen doesn't fit the screen very well
- You can skip the whole floating platform section by just going around on the right by jumping onto the little fence
- It took me a few plays to find the gingerbread and cream, might be good to add some signage to them, perhaps also put them in the same room as the cherries as the toppings are the only things that are spread into multiple rooms.
- When in indle and holding something the object you are holding doesn't bob up and down with the character, might be something to add just to give a little more immersion
- The pause menu as the same issue as main menu
- You might want to add it so that the mouse resets to centre screen position whenever moved so that if you have multiple monitors it doesn't end up that your mouse goes into your other monitors (which means if you click it pauses the game)
- Possibly giving more time when you finish a bath as it doesn't seem that you can do more than 12 unless you get lucky and have lots of 3 part baths in which case you might manage 16

Those are my thoughts on the game anyway :) loved it and looking forward to seeing future updates