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Well that was an interesting ride...Very nice!

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I love Blake's personality, and I'm kinda sad I can't romance her. (YET!?)

Bae's probably my favorite. The pacing on her route just feels really good. 

Gotta say I love the fact that the characters aren't static images. With most VN's you're lucky if they move their mouth or blink, and I utterly adore the fact that the characters move as much as they do, very cool.  Great art, like the story so far, looking forward to seeing more. 

(Kitsune and Amaris <3 )

Nice! Here's hoping you guys make it on kickstarter, I'd love to see more.

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Will we be able to romance Mukondi? She's adorable.

Very interesting so far. 

"I can't go outside, I'm too gay."

HOLY $HIT. Same.

For some reason it keeps freezing once the baby is introduced, which sucks because otherwise it's really good.

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Hilarious, adorable, beautiful artwork, and Lady Emi is probably my favorite ever. (Step up your game

Very cute. <3

That is both sweet and interesting information...Thanks! I am excited.

This game looks DAMN PRETTY.
Ahem. Alright. Marriage. Same-sex relationships going to be a thing? 

Maka is my favorite. Freakin' adorable, oh my god.