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Thank you! Working on this was really hard in a lot of ways, and figuring out safety measures was probably the hardest part. I think to some extent it's an inherently unsafe roleplaying space to occupy, but it's not as if I can just say that and then be freed from the responsibility of thinking about player safety! It means a lot to hear that those safety considerations turned out well.

This was super fun! I know you liked it on Twitter already, but here's a link to my thread with doodle-me for posterity.

Next time I'll have to see if I can get some enby friends to join me -- I definitely feel like it would be extra fun to do in a group setting. :)

I love the cat sprite! It's super simple, but still super cute and expressive with its little wiggles.

Are there instructions for how to play that I've missed? I know it's a prototype, but I'm not really clear what I'm meant to be doing.

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Oh man, this really spoke to me as a nonbinary kid who's always had a lot of trouble accepting the gender requirements of Pokemon. I would totally play a full game centered on rescuing the other familizards.

Also, I love the art for the main character and the options for armoring up! I felt very cool and stylish.

I love what you've done with the text in this game! It really conveys the tone of the different lines. (I especially loved the exaggerated shaking of "There's something on the wing!" followed by the snap to ordinary, unmoving text.)

I appreciate this game very much for reminding me how sick radical I am. <3 I'm not prepared to draw right now, but hopefully I can actually play and post up an extremely good stick figure on Twitter tomorrow!

I love the atmosphere of this game! The trees, the smoky overlay, and the sound design in particular really sell the mood.

I wanted to ask -- in that beginning sequence where you go through the same three screens twice, first with the monster and then without, I'm not super clear what's happening. Is one of them meant to be a dream?