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Don't worry, I've coded some thick glasses and block heels for you in the patch.

That's some great feedback, appreciated! Yeah, with the audio I couldn't agree more. In fact it was pretty obvious what had worked and what hadn't at the time but the problem with a 48hr game jam, for me at least, it's nowhere near enough time. I just threw on whatever I had in the last hour. Funny how you couldn't see the top of the die, maybe your monitor isn't level. ;) I really needed another day for the scope of the project.

Thanks again!

Ha! This was hilarious! Hats off!

Oh, thanks buddy! That comment made my day. :)

I actually don't know if mine is possible. I think it is but I didn't have time to play it to the end! Such a short jam!!

I had exactly the same issue - so little time! And a bug I didn't even notice!

That was really good! Liked the models of the turrets!

That was excellent! Really enjoyable puzzler. I was convinced one level wasn't possible and then I managed it. :)

Very nice concept, I liked the fusion of turn-based and rts. Graphics were really nice too. Hats off!

A few technical issues, Chrome and the mouse control (hey, you had 48hrs!) but presentation of the game was really nice. I loved the intro and the low poly aesthetic was great. Excellent work.

Sorry, this didn't play for me. Cool concept though.

Really nicely presented. Nice work.

Ha, this was fun!

Loads of fun! Love the fact the characters get knocked back! :)

Absolutely stunning game. Nice idea, beautifully execute. I genuinely enjoy playing it. Recommended!

I couldn't get past the intro screen. Sorry if I'm being slow.