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You could make a backup of your save and use the notepad++ plugin JSTools to format your save as JSON and then use the JSON Viewer to find that slave and delete it. (The slaves are displayed in the order they are in the mansion, first slave is slave 0)

for me it was a child, i loaded just before it was born.

Yes, i had this before but somehow through reloading managed to sell the bugged slave.

Added 7 Bodies, 1 Naked Body, 5 Pregnant Bodies

Sorry but i don't have any real info. Eleanor and Lavenia were related but Latoya had no relatives, I also let someone else take the lead. Latoya has had one kid but they were sold.

family is unknown, i captured her

She hasn't performed any incestuous actions but the game thinks she did

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So I decided to re-post this with a different title as I don't think many people knew this was a pack made for Aric's mod.

So far it contains:
  • 64 Bodies
  • 11 Naked Bodies
  • 21 Pregnant Bodies

Update 3: EVEN More Photos

Well, i've exhausted the photos I had. If I happen across any more I might add them. (Definitely need more naked photos)

Yea, already did this myself. Thanks for posting though.

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I think it was after combat, wasn't paying too much attention. I really wouldn't take my word for it.

Edit: Yep, just happened again after combat. Two of the bandits share the same surname.

She is my daughter but talking as if i'm her daughter.

When talking to a Taurus about Job Experience

Yeah, replaces the file in your game folder.

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Here's a file Ankmairdor uploaded to the discord which should reduce lag during sex. Hopefully any errors have now been fixed.


Don't think so, you should still use Improved Random Portraits.

Also reporting as mixed when they are pureblood

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up.

Not gonna pretend i understand all of that but i would have guessed it had to do with the amound of text appearing. Would it not make sense to make the current text and the text before it visible rather than saving all the text.

Kind of unrelated to the mod but does anyone know how to stop the game from lagging so much when having sex with multiple people.

Ah, my mistake. Just did a complete reinstall of the game and reapplied your mod. For some reason even after i disabled random portraits the button for it remained so i assumed it was now integrated with your mod. Thanks for responding anyway :)

Noticed that the Hyperlactation Potion isn't transparrent

Not sure if this is intended but when you select "Random Portrait" it doesn't change the full body image. Is there a way to enable this?

100+ bug definitely persists in 0.9.6 as the save from my previous post was made in 0.9.6.

This doesn't seem right

This is also still broken

Sex, i had made a custom action but after a while it stops working.

How would i get a custom action to work with this?

Cant wait, something to pass the time during quarantine!

It's also sitting there in a text file in one of the games folders...

(I would pay but money's tight)

Just noticed "when requested" is repeated twice. The second one should be removed.