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Thx for the link,i needed help but im to scared to talk to real people. I know people care about me, but what if i wasnt here, what would it change. They would cry for awile, then they would cremate me, then store me in a storage room and forget about me. Just another jar of ashes. No one will know us in a couple decades. Im just another one of the suicidal people in the world that we could do without. We all use resources like food, water, money, but why do we try. We all die someday, what is the point of anything. Its like love, you find someone, they break up with you and your sad for awile, but in the end it doesn't matter. The news would read "man found with wrist slit" but would it matter? Im just another person that will be forgotten. Im not important, im not useful, im not... anything. Just a waste of grave yard room...

Ive had suicidal thoughts for awile now to, crying myself to sleep thinking about where ill end up, never really believed in god, but we all end up somewhere, whether it be a good job, or all over a sidewalk next to a building. But i have things in my life to keep me here, a caring bf and a stable family and life. Well im shaking because this is a sensitive topic for me and 1 of the 3 things that make me cry emotionally, so i hope your life gets better, and you dont end up like me, someone who wants to die, but is to scared to slide the knife.

Damn it, im cryin