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Which password? For a lock? The hint is - look in the book in the first room with a child :)

Hello, everyone! 

We made this game for 5 days and it will be interesting to know what do you think about it. Do you like the idea and style of the game?

Try it in browser:

Yes, the idea is great!  Waiting it on mobile))

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Hello, Everyone! My first 3D experience. I Made this prototype in 2 weeks, so it is pretty raw. What do you think about it?

- Single click control.
- 8 cool and interesting levels. New levels will be very soon!
- Beautiful and relaxing environment.
- Simple rules: avoid walls and reach the finish!

Play WebGL demo 👉

Android 👉


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Good looking models! Did you use Blender?

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I'd like to present my new game, Shape Fill! This game will help you relax in difficult times. Just make some tea and start dodging shapes and overcoming various obstacles. Also there is the exclusive Lo-Fi music recorded for this game!


You can take a look at it and download it here for free:

Hope you like it!