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A member registered Sep 09, 2018

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The game works and matches the theme, but i felt it would be better with music. Settings have a silly range to configure.

Nice graphics and good sound. I didn't quite understand the game play.

Nice little game. Good graphics and idea. Gameplay works and I had fun. Matches the theme.

Interface needs a bit of work, crew are too small and background too transparent, a button to transfer all crew would be nice as well as doublecklick to transfer. Docking is a bit hard sometimes, since the ships spins in circles.

A bit hard to see what items are/do on the playscreen. Bigger icons and more feedback of the actions would be great. Tennis ball is almost invisible after thrown.

Good idea with the mechanic. Collecting items along a simple labyrinth and using them can be its own puzzle, especially if the zombies are deterministic.