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Absolutely lovely game AwO. I'l be keeping an eye out! In the meantime, here's a showcase video :3

===V0.6.8.3 CHANGELOG===
Lost In Retro (W8-S2):
-Huge optimization. Vastly reduced amount of collision objects, which should increase fps on low-end PCs.
-Added checkpoint in underwater section.
-Prevented Mario from falling off the warp when holding the fire rod.
-Lowered the floor on the goal, preventing characters from finishing on top of the screen.
Diamondus (W9-S3):
-Massive optimization, with far less collision objects. Should increase fps by a lot on low-end PCs.
-New ceiling slope collisions, aiming to vastly reduce the amount of colliders used.
-1st room, replaced sledge bros with regular hammer bros, as they were causing far too much screen shake. Moved the grenade to the floor.
-2nd room, removed the annoying butler robot that pushed you around in the flames, as it was too overkill.
Overhauled cheat system:
-Ability to execute a string of code on the fly; The potential is limitless!
-Reorganized cheat menu by type, for added convenience.
-Debug pointer (I Button) shows mouse X and Y coordinates. -Teleporting with the Left Mouse Button now correctly detaches Mario from the floor.
-Covenant Assault (W9-1): Removed troublesome Elite from the 2nd room, which was next to impossible to get through for characters without stomping.
-Zebes (W9-4): Widened the gap in the yellow key room.
-Interstellar Assault (W9-6): Fixed broken boss music.

===V0.6.8.0 CHANGELOG===
New Levels:
-Lost In Retro (W8-S2)
-Diamondus (W9-S3)
(NOTE: All backgrounds are externalized)
Externalized extra backgrounds for the following levels:
-Banshee Boardwalk (W1-GH2)
-Ruined City (W4-8)
-Dracula's Castle (W6-WB)
-Green Greens (W8-5)
-Added missing music references to the music ini file: DraculaArena, DraculaBoss, DraculaCatacombs, DraculaClock, DraculaCorridor, DraculaInners, Gradius, InfestedStation, ZebesBoss -Added 2 missing songs, from Interstellar Assault (W9-6) and Infested Station (W9-7)
-Brand new optimization pass through GMK Splitter, for maximum performance. GM8 did not touch this new source!

===V0.6.7.5 CHANGELOG===
New Levels: -Dracula's Castle (6-WB)
-Interstellar Assault (9-6)
-Infested Station (9-7)
-Slopes are now less glitchy than ever before!
-The timer has been permanently disabled. You will no longer die from running out of time in a level.
-Control changes: F3 now cycles between window sizes.
-Control changes: Pressing Spacebar again will make a reserve item fall faster
-The game now starts on the 3x windowed mode by default (960 * 720). A 4x windowed mode has been added (1280 * 960).
-The shop has been redesigned for easier access
-Score objects now give you rupees based on their number. The rate is 1 rupee for every 1000 points earned. -The rupee display is now always visible.
-A brand new item has been added to the shop: Anti-knockback. It lets you take damage without any knockback and is removed on death. Cost: 500 rupees
-Several player-related songs have been converted to .ogg format. This includes the starman music, level clear sound, and death sound effect for every character.
-playersongs.ini is no longer necessary and has been removed
-Checkpoints now make you big or add one health point, depending on the character
-Mario's Troop Suit has been given a melee attack. Press C to use Marco Mario's knife.
-Luigi's traction has been made a bit better, so now he's less annoying to play as
-Simon can now receive hearts and items II and III from enemy drops
-Mega Man and Proto Man's normal speed is now identical to Roll's normal speed
-Mega Man now uses the proper sprites for his Jet Adaptor
-Link's Cloud suit is now his troop suit, while the Bow & Arrow suit is only his blue shell suit
-Fixed Simon and Arthur getting stuck in their hurt state while underwater or while bouncing on note blocks
-Fixed the bug where Mega Man and Proto Man used incorrect walking animations when walking to the castle after the flagpole
-Fixed a few flaws with Bee Luigi's sprites
-Fixed small Luigi using incorrect sprites while using the flutter jump
-Fixed Arthur's golden axe being too slow while aiming down in the air
-Fixed a green mask appearing over Arthur while holding onto objects with the golden armor
-Fixed being able to go out of bounds in certain spots of World 1 and World 2's maps
-Fixed being instantly killed by the poison mushroom mech
-Re-added a grabbable platform to the autoscroll section of Dream Forest
-Fixed a broken checkpoint in Abstract Landscape
-Fixed the boss at the end of Muda Madness being unkillable
-Arthur's dagger now appears and sounds like the MM3 needle when in World 3. This is a purely cosmetic change.
-Switched out a few more music tracks (Aztec Citadel, Planet Bomber, Blocks of Doom, Artificial Reef, Gutsman Quarry)
-Luigi now has a unique 1-up sound
-(Kibbleknight) Arthur's sprites have been reverted to the previous arcade sprites. New sprites for the Gold and Red armors have been created as a result.
-(Kibbleknight) Brand new sprite for the anti-knockback item
-(Kibbleknight) Mega Man and Proto Man's sprites have been updated
-(Kibbleknight) Tanooki Mario's sprites have been updated
-(Del) Fixed several common sound effects playing over each other
-(Del) Fixed several enemies not being killable with the tanooki statue
-(Del) Palace Of Dark Delight was updated. Changes: Added info blocks, Relocated power ups, Fixed the fiends getting stuck, Removed most of the annoying nail cannons, separated them so you can tell in what directions all of them shoot, Added more guns, The shambler is killable and is slightly slower
-(Del) Revamped the layout of Planet Bomber to be less annoying in general
-(Del) Revamped the layout and tiles of Aztec Citadel to improve visability. Removed the secret exit.
-(Del) Fixed the skeleton enemies in Forest of Silence locking your controls as Sonic or Tails and simplified their code
-(Del) Battle for Dirt Hill: Fixed Worms not getting hurt by certain weapons, fixed missiles launched by worms not detonating if touching the player, removed a few unfair enemy placements.
-(Del) SML1 fish are now killable
-(D-Turbokiller) Sandy Oasis: Replaced keys with collectible keys to lower the amount of time needed to beat the level. Failing the puzzle will no longer kill you instantly.
-(D-Turbokiller) Desert Hill: Replaced keys with collectible keys.

===V0.6.6.6 CHANGELOG===
-Message boxes now use a similar system to the NPCs. Changes include Pressing up now advances text as well as SHIFT, the text box is now identical to the text box used for NPC dialogue (this may change), The ones with multiple messages have been fixed
-Mario's Halo Sword can now destroy enemy projectiles
-Mega Man has been given a buff He can now charge up shots just like Proto Man and Roll
-Simon can now receive hearts (as well as the II and III panels) from coin-producing candles, as well as the heart blocks in Awazon Caverns. Free-floating hearts in Awazon Caverns and normal blocks elsewhere are unaffected.
-Fixed Mario's controls being broken (Not being able to jump off of vines as raccoon Mario, etc.)
-Ostros' hitboxes have been fixed (Thanks, Del)
-Hellknights no longer become invulnerable after getting hit (Thanks, Del)
-An additional room before the boss has been added for Green Greens (8-5)
-Waddle Doos now appear in levels properly
-Added an invisible wall to prevent players from getting stuck in the 2nd phase of Whispy Woods
-Fixed Link's bombs damaging enemies more than they should
-An additional lifejacket has been added to Banshee Boardwalk (1-GH2) to make it clearable with all characters
-Updated Awazon Caverns (8-11) to add a few more enemies and items to match the latest available source
-Fixed broken checkpoints in Hell Prominence (1-WB), Wily Citadel 2 (3-WB,) Mystic Forest (6-5), and 7-9 (Thanks, Nocturnic)
-Fixed several common sounds playing over each other (Thanks, Del)
-Fixed missing tiles in Running of the Bulls
-A few more music tracks have been swapped out (Fortress of Doom, Doh's Dimension, Bridge Zone)
-Updated Wario's death sound to be more accurate

===V0.6.5.1 CHANGELOG===
-The bug where occasionally the SHIFT or CTRL keys would get stuck should now occur much less often. A complete fix for this bug will be done in the future.
-Several music tracks have been swapped out for more appropriate tracks
-Increased the speed in which the timer counts down when a level is completed
-Enemies that are too close to a warp pipe when a player is moving through them will be killed but award no points
-Roll now reverts to her blue form when getting hit from a higher powerup
-Megaman's jetpack now function's like Roll's jetpack
-Link's bombs now explode upon impact with enemies, but he can only shoot one at a time
-Fixed firing a chargeable fireball as the Mario bros. immediately after kicking a koopa shell
-A few of Luigi's sprites have been cleaned up and made consistent, courtesy of Kibbleknight
-Removed several unused lines of code relating to removed characters
-Repurposed a few unused sound effects
•Protoman now uses an updated sound effect for entering a level
•Zero now uses a different sound for his fully charged buster shots
•Wario’s “Wario Time!” quote now plays after his Guts Man intro, as it was intended to be
•Vile now uses a different sound for his shoulder cannon
-Fixed Classic Mario and Classic Luigi's flying sprites
-Fixed some backgrounds for special stages being incorrect
-Fixed Banshee Boardwalk’s W4 exit pipes
-Fixed the missing backgrounds in Shroom Lagoon, Storm Canyon, and Verdant Plain
-Fixed the missing tiles and broken warp in Tree Zone Trek
-Fixed players getting stuck in the ground immediately after the underground portion of Subcon Panic
-Fixed the missing tiles at the end of Dinosaur Land and Running of the Bulls
-Made Whispy Woods slightly easier to beat
-The secret exit in Forest of Silence can now be reached without a powerup
-Fixed the bullet bill launcher in Barren Badlands being 1 block shorter than it was supposed to be
-Arcade Factory now uses the correct coin sound effect
-Fixed the projectile for the projectile shooting enemies in Arcade Factory using incorrect sound effects
-The sound effects for the UFOs from Neon Labyrinth are no longer bugged

===V0.6.5 CHANGELOG===
-The Unexpected error problem has finally been solved! Players should no longer see this error when the game is almost done loading.
-Mario and Luigi's chargeable fireballs have been reenabled.
-Increased the speed of the player in the shop
-Classic Mario and Classic Luigi have been given a slight overhaul Their sprites have been remade to look more accurate, and they can now receive the raccoon ability. Updated sprites were made by the talented Kibbleknight.
-Ryu Hayabusa, Meta Knight, Kirby, and Samus have been removed from the game entirely due to being buggy, unbalanced, or unfinished.
-Vinny is now playable again, but he only functions properly (and is only selectable) if debug mode is enabled. A few creative liberties were taken to make him stand out and a few of his graphics were changed or updated, but otherwise he’s exactly as you remember him. In addition, his graphics were converted from bmp to png.
-sxms-3.dll, in_spc.dll, and msvcr71.dll are no longer necessary for the game to run. These dlls and their accompanying scripts have been unused since 0.53 and have been removed.
-Jaquio and Jashin's battle rooms were orphaned due to their respective levels never being finished. They've been removed along with all of the assets belonging to those two rooms.
-Fixed the bug relating to the dropped weaponized Met enemies turning into question blocks -Fixed Classic Mario and Classic Luigi appearing invisible if a stage began with them in midair
-Simon's heart counter no longer resets to 16 at the beginning of a stage
-Several unused sound effects were removed. A few were repurposed or reused. Elaborated on in the minor changes section.
-Mirror Falls (3-5) has been split up into Fort Bubble Man (3-5) and Mirror Caverns (3-10)
-Construction Site (3-3) has been split up into Castle Cut Man (3-3) and Electric Tower (3-12)
-The following levels have been readded to the game •Mystic Forest (6-5)
•Awazon Caverns (8-11)
•Green Greens (8-5)
•Snowdriftland (-1-6)
•Battle For Dirt Hill (-1-7)
•Neon Labyrinth (-1-8)
•Forest of Silence (4-1)
•World 5 Exit (Addon to 1-14)
•Abstract Landscape (-1-4)
•Banshee Boardwalk (1-GH2)
•Ruined City (4-8)
-Subcon Panic (1-S1) Bomb plants now respawn, preventing the player from getting stuck in the underground portion
-Icicle Mountain (8-9) The last room no longer auto-scrolls
-Wart's Nightmare (9-S2) Many small changes to balance out the level a bit -Mt. Everest (2-11) Removed several icicles
-Oedo Castle (6-8) now uses the correct sound effect for coins (World 6)
-Green Greens' (8-5) double poison block was removed
-Frozen Plateau (1-S9) now has a castle at the end of the level.
-Tree Zone Trek (1-S2) Replaced the yellow ! blocks with donut platforms and added a checkpoint
-Fort Bubble Man (3-5) Removed splash woman's appearance because the fish were generally too difficult to avoid in the narrow sections
-Cheat menu has been given an update. The cheats are now generally more useful.
Sound Changes
-Several sound effects' volumes have been raised or lowered. There are too many to list, but the most notable change is that now the World 6 enemy battle sound is no longer ear-splittingly loud
-Link is no longer silent when he jumps
-1-up sounds used to be dependent on the world that the player was in. Since 0.53, this was changed to be character specific, but the sound effects for world-specific 1-ups have now been removed completely.
-Some of Zebes' sound effects have been removed due to them taking up too much space and being too long. This includes the item pickup sound and its accompanying object, and the player start sound, which was never used to begin with. -Sonic and Tails now use the Master System version of their 1-up sound because the Genesis one was too long
-Wario now uses a new starman track
-Link now uses the Legend of Zelda NES sound for uncovering an item for his 1-up sound
-Classic Mario and Classic Luigi now use an 8-bit version of the level entering sound
-Various other unused sound effects have been removed from the game

===V0.6.1 CHANGELOG===
-When loading a saved game from a previous version, you will not have any music. After loading, go to the Music Volume again, change it to whatever you want, save the game, then reload it. Issue fixed!
-Fixed Starman music resetting level music volume.
-Music volume was being incorrectly applied on init and music change; this has been fixed.
-Music volume is now saved and loaded correctly!
-Changing music volume is now IMMEDIATELY applied. No more confusion.
-MASSIVE optimization to player selection! It’s now MUCH faster to load any player! (Caused by External HUD Code)
-ALL player sprites have been converted from .bmp to .png, further speeding up the loading process.
-Fixed flag music incorrect filetype for Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Arthur, Roll, Link, Vile, Clasic Mario, Classic Luigi, Simon, Zero.
-Protoman now uses the correct flag music.
-Improved Zero start image (thanks, Dooki51)
-Dying will no longer still let you exit the stage, which would save your life.
-Can no longer Exit Stage on special levels, such as encounters.
-W1-S3 (Tiny-Huge Island) Doubled the timer.
-W1-5 (Sandy Oasis) Fixed floating pipe start point in 2nd Area; Fixed missing water tiles.
-W1-8 (Shroom Lagoon) Fixed missing tiles at the end of the 2nd area.
-W1-S7 (Dinosaur Land) Fixed missing lava tiles in 3rd room.
-W1-S9 (Frozen Plateau) Fixed missing block tile in flag pole.
-W1-F6 (Fortress of Traps) Doubled the timer.
-W1-F7 (Dungeon ‘O Doom) Fixed all missing tiles.
-W2-S1 (Yellowstone Journey) Removed pointless powerups at the autoscrolling start.
-W2-5 (Aztec Citadel) Added an extra reward at start area if you manage to reach the 2nd tower.
-W2-15 (Scandinavian Campaign) Final area’s speedy run section is now easier, with a better gun and extra powerup. Planes are also one-hit stompable! (Careful of their hidden missiles in the smoke, though.)
-W6-7 (Gemini Canyon) Fixed horizontal blue line caused by a background with bottom transparent line.
-W9-WB (The Library) (Possibly) Fixed intro sequence. Fixed missing music in arena rooms.

Changes made after v0.6's release and until the current version, from newest to oldest.

===V0.7.0.0 REV 01 CHANGELOG===
-Added a staff roll sequence which can currently be accessed from the world warp screen.
-Fixed the sliding platforms in World 6 Exit.
-Fixed the dislocated pulley platforms in World 6 Exit.
-Zebes is now the world boss level of world 9. The Library has been moved to 9-4, and the secret exit in Zebes has been removed.
-Diamondus has been moved and is now 9-8. Added a treasure ship to where Diamondus was previously located.
-Dracula and Dr. Wily now use the correct health meter.
-Fixed respawning vegetables not respawning
-Updated the mushrooms in Journey to Funkotron to restore health for health-based characters
-Added missing objects in Geminiman's room
-City Escape now properly exits the level and has it count as beaten
-Fixed Classic Mario and Classic Luigi playing their jumping sound twice when jumping off of a ladder
-Added more missing midpoint objects
-Swapped out a few more music tracks (Boo's Mansion, Toyland, World 7 Map)

-When playing as Simon, powerup blocks now spawn an orb which spawns subitems. This is merely a visual fix.
-Several tilesets have been cropped to remove unused space, resulting in a slight decrease in filesize
-Added missing solid objects to the second room of Tower of Babel
-Fixed glitched enemies in Robot Museum
-Fixed a broken warp in Gelatinous Journey
-Fixed the Blob not appearing for Mega Man characters in Gelatinous Journey
-Roll now has her own starman and level complete music tracks
-Mystic Forest now uses the correct coin type
-(CB78) Recolored the sprites for Wario's dragon hat and jet hat powerups to be consistent with the rest of his sprites
-(D-TurboKiller) Revamped the sprites for vampire Wario
-(Del) Reworked the attack pattern for the wolf enemies
-(Fosterkmas) Revamped the layouts for individual rooms in Dire Dire Docks and Tree Zone Trek
Major fixes and changes:
-New overworld enemies have been added. Three of the overworld sprites were made by Kibbleknight, while the last one was made by No Body. The rooms were made by Fosterkmas.
-Transitions between rooms, as well as the level start screen, now have a slightly shorter delay and no longer lock up the game
-The character loading screen no longer displays every step of the loading process as the original implementation of this was sloppy
-Reworked the question mark block skinning code to prevent unusual sprite flashing in-between before and after being hit
-Fixed icy slopes not working correctly
-Fixed broken text boxes in mushroom houses, removed old obsolete system that was originally used
-The frame skip object and its functions have been dummied out as they're no longer necessary, nor would they work in newer versions of game maker
-The blue shell powerup now works more similarly to how it worked in New Super Mario Bros: Speed is maintained while using it and you're invincible with it, but you are not able to turn and must be holding down the duck button for as long as you want to use it.
-Collision with bricks has been improved
-All external sprites that were in Game Maker 8's proprietary .gmspr format have been internalized
-All external tilesets that were in Game Maker 8's proprietary .gmbck format have been internalized
-Levels that will be removed from the map screen have been labelled "PENDING REMOVAL" and will play an error sound if you try to enter them
-Fixed sprites not being set correctly for City Escape's cutscene
-Fixed instantly dying to the City Escape boss
-Turning off flashing lights now makes the Zapper's bullet visible
-Fixed the miniboss in Wily Citadel 2 becoming invincible indefinitely
-Fixed collision issues with Green Greens' boss
-Fixed the bullets in Watinga's first boss fight not hurting the player
-Increased the animation speed for Vile and Zero while carrying an object
-(Missing from previous changelogs) The animation speed for Mario, Luigi, and Link now increases if you're running while holding an object
-(Fosterkmas) Updated the level designs of Desert Edifice, Wretched Tundra, and Forsaken City
-(Auralancer): Replaced the original version of Radonkel with the SMFR version
Minor fixes and changes
-Fixed tile issue in Antenora
-Fixed small Wario's enemy ramming sound playing twice
-World warp pipes are now colored differently on the map screen. Purely cosmetic.
-Castle levels now play the crumbling sound on the world map after being beaten for the first time
-Added missing tiles for Green Greens' last room
-Added missing solid objects in Green Greens
-Removed misplaced solid object in Green Greens
-Fixed the green blob enemies in Green Greens not being defeatable with the invincibility star
-Fixed a collision issue in the beginning of Lake of Amnesia
-Warp pipes between map areas now play a different sound from the normal "level start" sound
-Bomb Man now takes normal damage from all weapons
-Moved some misplaced solid objects in Frost Palace
-Added a missing solid object in Lost in Retro
-Added missing midpoint objects for a few more levels
Behind the scenes changes
-Began the process of fixing errors that came up with "Treat Uninitialized variables as value 0" turned off
-Added a new script, scr_enemyinit, for the purpose of simplifying the process of initializing variables for enemies -Moved all horizontal movement scripts and all swimming scripts to User Defined events for every player character. This will remove the need for every player character to have otherwise unused variables.
-Initialized variables for more objects
-Removed more unused code while improving existing code

===V0.7.0.0 CHANGELOG==
New Levels
-World 6 Exit (Part of 1-10)
-World 7 Exit (Part of 1-6)
-World 8 Exit (Part of 1-F5)
-Moscow Malady (2-16) [WIP]
-Bridge to Morden (2-WB)
-Robot Museum (3-F2)
-Wily Citadel 2 (3-WB)*
-Heart of Darkness (4-WB)
-Desert Edifice (5-3) [WIP]
-Wretched Tundra (5-6) [WIP]
-Foresaken City (5-7) [WIP]
-City Escape (7-5)
-Freon Ice Zone (7-7)
-Snowy Tower (8-7)
-Gelatinous Journey (8-8)
-Angel Land Castle (8-F2)
-Pixel Factory (-1-1)**
-The HUD has been given an update: The score no longer appears on the HUD and can now be found on the main pause menu. Additionally, the rupee counter now displays on the map screen at all times.
-The score now properly saves instead of being reset upon loading a game
-Levels that end with either a boss fight or a level-ending object now have a unique "LEVEL COMPLETE" event!
-Fixed Mario, Classic Mario, and Classic Luigi's raccoon tail flutter causing you to lose all your momentum if using it while rising
-Infinite use keys have been given a unique sound cue when collected
-The little reapers that used to take time away from the timer now take rupees away from you instead.
-Fixed a memory leak issue caused by generating fonts without unloading them
-The above fix also added two more changes: The pause menu now has the word "PAUSE" appear over it, and the font used for when Simon enters a level is no longer broken
-The enemy marker setting in the options menu has been replaced with a setting to disable flashing lights to reduce the risk of causing epileptic seizures
-Secret exit keyholes have been given a proper animation and no longer pause the whole program, ported from Hello Engine Legacy
-Several unused map sprites have been repurposed to add some more variety to the world maps
-Fixed several common sprites appearing to be distorted, most notably for the player characters as well as the Goombas.
-Replaced several low quality sound effects with better quality versions. The sounds themselves are identical.
-Fixed slope collision issues with Link when using his sword
Sonic's general gameplay has been given a big update
-Sonic and Tails' shields have been given a graphical overhaul. The kevlar shield has been replaced with the bubble shield, while still keeping the same protection level. The bubble shield gives you the ability to bounce off of the ground. The fire shield now has a unique sprite for using the dash ability. Special thanks to Lars Luron for the "Bubble Shield" text for the ToeJam and Earl levels!
-Sonic has been given the instashield ability from Sonic 3. Press the jump button while in the air to use it (only works when Sonic has no powerup other than the quick man suit)
-Sonic's rocket boots now have a flutter ability
-Snowdriftland has been moved to World 8
-Fixed a rare bug caused by the bird enemies in Rice Beach not properly setting the player's "holding" state to 0
-Fixed some minor animation errors for Raccoon Mario, Tanooki Mario, and Rabbit Luigi when combining their special jumps with other actions (i.e fluttering)
-Fixed spin jump impact smoke staying on the screen for longer than it should have
-Fixed all reported cases of broken message boxes
-Fixed a missing midpoint object in Raccoon City
-Fixed several enemies not changing their color back after being hit
-Fixed powerups for Arthur and Simon playing the incorrect sounds
-Fixed Vile's health meter not using the correct sprite if you played as Zero prior
-Fixed missing solid collision objects in Dracula's Castle, Banshee Boardwalk, and Water Temple
-Fixed broken ceiling collision in Diamondus
-Optimized more code while removing more defunct code
*NOTE: The original Wily Citadel 2 level has been renamed to Wily Citadel 1. This new level would was originally known as Wily Citadel 4.
**NOTE: Arcade Factory has been moved to -1-6

===REV1 HOTFIX 2===
-Restored Lost Level: W1-4 Height Valley (MKF-world1) -> Fixed & split midway train track section, removed pointless checkpoint. Temporarily located between Boo Mansion and Tiny-Huge island until I add a test world map.
-Reimported all level rooms from the original source. Should fix any room-related bugs such as missing tiles, BGs or objects.
-Reverted the External folder to its original files. Only the sounds remain optimized and at their intended volume.
-Default Music Volume has been reduced to 75%.
-Removed Transiberian Trek Duplicate folder.

-Fixed ALL Source/Exe image issues by reverting to the originals. While over 95% of the images were fine, for some reason a few of them ended up with black or white opaque backgrounds instead of full transparency.
-Fixed Aztec Citadel's 1st room not playing the correct song. You NEED the new music ini file!

===REVISION 1===
-High Quality Music! Mostly faithful to the originals, but also contains improved remixes and thematically appropriate song replacements. If you believe you have a better song replacement, let me know. Music volume is also balanced out. -Vastly lower sound volume for every single sound (around -12dB). This applies to both source/exe AND External sounds. Now you can play at a 2.5x higher volume! It also allows me to change the music volume without ruining its quality. NOTE: Sound quality is unchanged, it's possible some might be rather low quality.
-Certain sounds have been balanced out, eg. GnG sounds are much quieter now.
-Replaced Music Toggle with a handy Music Volume! Change the volume by pressing left or right. You can even switch between min and max volumes by pressing the shift key (or equivalent)! Applies to map and level songs.
-Fixed some odd issues where tilesets were opaque with a black background (original source had bad files?). NOTE: It is very likely there are some sprites/tilesets with black backgrounds. There's just too many sprites to go through at once. PLEASE be sure to take a screenshot and tell me so I can fix the issue! Also note that some images might even have an opaque white BG (wtf?)
-Removed Aztec Citadel's completely pointless radio chatter sound, which was 12.3MB in size! Source size is now around 90MB, exe size around 92MB.
-Added 4 new cheats: Room Previous, Back to Map, Level Clear (Normal) and Level Clear (with Key). You can even use the regular level clear while moving to remove pesky encounters before they happen!
-(Common Pack) Added back the Music ini, which was missing from the main folder. Oops. Also removed ALL traces of loop and length, as it's no longer necessary.

-ALL images have gone through lossless optimization, improving memory usage and loading speeds for a smoother experience;
-Scrapped, debug and duplicated content has been removed, reducing source file size;
-External, common content has also gone through lossless optimization;
-Music file size has been vastly reduced. While you probably won't notice any difference unless you compare them with the two-pack version, many of the original songs were already quite poor in quality. I'm working on a high-quality replacement, which spices the game up a bit with a couple different tracks from the original, and should hopefully be available soon-ish.

Progress made after v0.53 until v0.6 are shown here, from newest to oldest.

===v06 Vanilla Shroom (RELEASE!)===
-Warp Zone implemented! Every world now has convenient teleports, allowing quick access to all worlds, most of which have at least 2 warp points! Look for the blue vortex in the map.
-Stage Exit implemented! You can now exit a stage anytime. Just remember that you'll start out in the current checkpoint (or start point, if none was reached). Starting a 2nd level resets the 1st level's progress.
-World 1 now uses the SMB Melee theme variant, while "The Crossroads" level uses the Smash theme variant (as suggested by Dooki51).
-W1-3 (The Transitway): Added a Message Box at start point, explaining the Stage Exit.
-W1-F1 (Grassland Outpost): Fixed missing tiles for Sumobro's platform (thanks, CB78)
-W1-4 (Lake of Amnesia): Fixed missing tiles. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-8 (Shroom Lagoon): 3rd room, fixed some missing ground tiles at start & end points. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-F3 (Dire Dire Docks): Fixed missing BG in World Exit final room. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-16 (Mushroom Forest): Life Jackets on 1st room.
-W1-F6 (Fortress of Traps): Shroom at start & Checkpoint.
-W1-S1 (Subcon Panic): Area 2A (Cave entry section) no longer starts the cave song, so it doesn't restart it. Moving to other rooms using ladders has been adjusted, so you start on solid ground now.
-W1-S4 (Birabuto Bash): Fixed missing lava tiles in 3rd room. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-S7 (Dinosaur Land): Fixed missing castle in final room. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W2-3 (Skyscraper Domain): Fixed 1st checkpoint; Mario now respawns after the rocket blows up. (thanks, CB78)
-W2-6 (Cruise Control): Now has its own, appropriate music!
-W4-5 (Corpse of the Behemoth): Fixed broken boss checkpoint (thanks, Fernando)
-W4-7 (Death Volcano): Now uses W4 coins. 3rd room initial spot adjusted to reflect the rampaging volcano. Slight adjustment to 1st room enemy positions.
-W9-WB (The Library): Fixed intro timing.
-Removed W8-5 (Green Greens) Level tile, which restarted/crashed the game due to missing level.
-Plasma Pistol now only fires after releasing the Fire button, no longer wasting single shots just to charge.
-If the level goal is reached, the level will now be forced to end after 15 seconds as a safety measure.
-Fixed Luigi's Hammer Suit Carry animation (thanks, Luigicat11)

===v06 WIP#7 (Worlds 8, 9 & -1 Playtested)===
-Fixed a bunch of missing tiles from the cleanup, most notably in W8-10, and all the way to minus world.
-Fixed a LOT of missing tiles in W2-11 (Mt. Everest) due to the cleanup. (Thanks Fernando!)
-Fixed missing collisions in World 3 Map (Thanks Fernando!)
-W4-7 (Death Volcano): Altered dialog text which I never got around to, so it actually makes sense and even points to a certain monster in Gehenna.
-W8-1 (Superflat World): Shroom on checkpoint.
-W8-3 (Pipe Labyrinth): Shroom on start + checkpoint. Removed annoying time limit. First underground sectoin, Text box now reminds you that you can carry items through pipes; P-Switch is now regenerated, so it's not gone forever anymore; removed shellcreep at end section so you don't get hurt while retrieving the lost P-Switch.
-W8-4 (Tetropolis): Shroom at start + 1st checkpoint. Slight reduction in enemies.
-W8-5 (Green Greens) is too incomplete, so it has been removed. Expect to see it in a future release.
-W8-6 (Planet Bomber): Spread out a couple shrooms in both main rooms. 2nd main room, slight enemy reduction, you now get a possible 2nd chance if you happen to fall into the pit.
-W8-9 (Icicle Mountain): Shroom at every room start. Replaced fireflower Powerups with Hammersuits. Extra powerup on 3rd room start.
-W8-10 (Bubble Pipes): Shroom on start + checkpoints.
-W8-S7 (The Bitland): Shroom on start.
-W9-1 (Covenant Assault): Shroom on start + checkpoint.
-W9-S1 (Covenant Thy Veggies): Shroom on start.
-Fixed Mario Spartan Suit's win pose having a vertical blue line.
-W9-2 (Red Rock City): Shroom on start + checkpoint. Extra text for Yorp statue.
-Fixed broken stomp sounds for Commander Keen enemies, namely Bloog, Blooglet, Shikadi and Vorticon.
-W9-3 (Bydo Station): Area 2, replaced shroom with Halo Suit and MSlug HMG with Halo Shotgun, removed shroom. Area 3, replaced fireflower with Troop suit. Area 4, replaced powerup with Contra Missile, shroom at bottom. Boss 1, powerups replaced with Halo & Troop suit. Area 5, Troop suit at start. Area 6, replaced starting powerup with Halo suit, removed shroom powerup. Boss 2, fireflower replaced with Halo Suit. Final Boss, replaced missing music with Legion Boss song, shroom & fireflower replaced with Halo Suits, buster pistol replaced with Contra Rifle.
-Added a powerup regen object. This will create a powerup after a certain amount of time (as defined in the Creation Code).
-W9-4 (Zebes): Halo Powerup Regen in Norfair Elevator, Kraid Elevator, Zebes Treasures 2 Exit (room before secret exit), Kraid Shortcut. Added ice rod to secret exit room. Kraid Shaft 3, you don't need to kill any Metroids to get an absurd amount of keys, just run to the next room!
-Metroids are more vulnerable, with slight increased damaged in a non-frozen state (15 hits to die) and much more damage in frozen state (3 hits to die). MASSIVELY reduced the amount of times you need to spam keys to escape, from 70+ to just 8, so you only power down once, BUT only jumping counts, no need to press all the keys now.
-W9-S2 (Anciena Pyramid): Shroom at start & most checkpoints. Area 3, added spring to reach P-Switch (almost impossible without it for non-shooty characters like Mario); P-Switch now regens.
-W9-S4 (Battle for Sera): Shroom at start and certain checkpoints. City1 Room, added Yellow Noteblock at the end. City2 Room, Halo Suit at Checkpoint. Removed Mouser Fight. Removed Tunnel1 Checkpoint. Train1 Room, replaced poison shroom with Halo Suit, added Remington at end section.
-W9-5 (Silius): Shroom in lvl3 & lvl6.
-W9-S5 (Wart's Nightmare): Easily the worst MKF level due to its extreme unfairness and massive amounts of enemies, with no regard to balance... *ahem* Start with TWO Halo Suits. Spread out extra Halo Suits throughout all rooms, as well as some guns. Reduced enemy amount. Halo Suit regen in 6th room. Good luck!
-W9-10 (Energy Zone): Halo Suit in 3nd room start. Elevator room, now spawns Halo suit instead of shroom, which also fixes Bombman getting stuck on the shroom.
-W9-WB (The Library): Fixed Intro desync and finishing too soon. Floor Rush Rooms, replaced Troop Suit with Halo Suit.
-W-1-1 (Arcade Factory): Extra powerup in middle of 4th room (autorun section).
-W-1-2 (Pibble Plateau): Shroom at start & checkpoint.
-W-1-S1 (The Minefield): Boss Room, shroom powerup respawns every minute and half.
-W-1-5 (Doh's Dimension): Shroom at Start + Checkpoints.

===v06 WIP#6 (Worlds 6 & 7 Playtested)===
-Replaced all broken blocks related to the Demon Suit in W6, which never got implemented. They're now regular powerups.
-W6-1 (Sky Garden): Shroom at start & checkpoints. Relocated powerup upwards near start of Under 2nd room.
-W6-2 (Mt. Sabre): Shroom at start and most checkpoints.
-W6-F1 (Water Temple): Shrooms at start and most checkpoints. Slightly reduced enemy count. Boss HP reduced from 800 to 400.
-W6-3 (Land of Lattice): Checkpoint + shroom in 4th room.
-W6-4 (Fillmore Weald): Added a hidden noteblock at the end, so you can still try to use the secret exit. Fixed extra pixels at the end of each room.
-W6-S1 (Dream Forest): Shroom at checkpoints. Removed poison shrooms. Reduced the obscene amount of enemies. Final section is slightly easier.
-W6-6 (Blue Mountains): Shroom at start + checkpoint. Reduced enemy amount.
-W6-F2 (Fortress of Doom): Shroom at start + checkpoints. Added extra lens block on dungeon room at the bottom middle. Pre-Boss room, one powerup replaced with Hammer suit.
-W6-7 (Gemini Canyon): Shrooms at start + checkpoints. Reduced enemy amount. Extra checkpoint in 4th room. Pre-Boss, added hammersuit powerup. Boss room, reduced HP to 320 and added MSlug Rocket Launcher to shorten the fight.
-W6-8 (Oedo Castle): Shroom at start + checkpoints.
-W7-S2 (Toyland): Shroom on start + checkpoints. Toyland2 music has been removed, music ini updated accordingly.
-W7-S3 (Ecco's Ocean): Slight text improvement. Shroom near Start + checkpoint. Sparsely added some appropriate guns, so make those shots count unless you wanna rely on rocks. Hidden note block at the end.
-W7-9 (Sky Battery Zone): Added checkpoint in 3rd room.
-W7-S6 (Neo Tokyo): Buster Pistol added for both rooms. Better powerup at checkpoint.
-Ribots can now be properly stomped.
===v06 WIP#5 (Worlds 4 & 5 Playtested)===
-W4-S1 (Barrels 'O Fun): Added a 2nd checkpoint just before the final room w/ mushroom powerup.
-W4-2 (Hell's Graveyard): Fixed missing water/lava tiles.
-W4-F1 (Tower of Babel): Mushroom Powerup on start. Made the secret level unlock more obvious, plus a little textual flair. Now you can still get to the top if you missed the platform in the final area before the boss; no need to die anymore! Boss room, replaced half the rocket launchers with nade launchers, and added a fire rod in case you manage to lose all weapons.
-W4-S2 (Blocks of Doom): All rooms with block trains now give you a potential 2nd chance in case you fall into any pits, the last area being a lot more forgiving; just don't expect it to be an easy alternate route. Block trains will give you worthwhile rewards if you stay on track, and you will be warned when needed to go fast. 1st checkpoint now has a Mushroom + Hammer powerups; someone went a bit overkill with the difficulty here...
-W4-3 (Antenora): Pretty solid map already, only added a Mushroom Powerup for areas 1 & 2.
-W4-5 (Corpse of the Behemoth): Mushroom powerup at start; fixed blue tiles. Added checkpoint & mushroom powerups in area 3. Added Hammer Powerup in Boss Checkpoint. Necromancer has been slightly overhauled: a powerup spawns every 45 seconds, a nade launcher every 90 seconds, and he has his own dialog now!
-W4-6 (Dragon Dominion): Area 1 is a bit easier with some extra powerups. Area 2, replaced initial poison shroom with a powerup. Boss health fixed, now spawns a powerup every 45 seconds and a weapon every 90 seconds; still a tough fight, mind you.
-W4-S6 (Volkmire's Inferno): Removed out-of-place space invaders. Nailgun halfway through the 1st area. Added TWO powerups at the start of Area 2... good luck.
-W4-S7 (Palace of Dark Delight): Area 1, shroom at start, removed poison shrooms, added an extra powerup, slight arrangement to weapon placements. Area 2, rearranged weapons. Area 3, powerup at bottom. Boss area, he's now pretty much invincible so just run! Reduced enemy count and arranged them a bit; removed annoying block walls; added 2 powerups. Final area, added a 3-up for your valiant efforts. Removed Secret Room (wtf Del?)
-W5-1 (Sea of Muck): Mushroom on start point. Area 2, added weapon for facing the clawgrip (w/ reduced blob amount) & replaced fireflower with hammer suit on end. Removed pointless enemy in last room. Better text.
-Clawgrip's HP reduced from 1000 to 480, as actually grabbing the rocks can be quite troublesome.
-W5-2 (Rotten Eden): Mushroom on start point, 1st & 2nd checkpoints. Reduced Boss HP from 40 to 12 (around 10 stomps).
-W5-4 (Lair of the Leviathan): Checkpoint in Areas 2. Area 3 had its checkpoint shifted back. Shroom Powerup in Areas 2-4. Extra star powerup in Area 4.
-Fixed Earthworm Jim Pustule enemy. It's now a visible, generic floating enemy with a set path.
-W5-5 (Fiddler's Green): Shroom Powerup at start + checkpoint, improved text. Added text near checkpoint indicating the ropes are climbable. Fixed small tiling glitch near the end of the 3rd room. -W5-S1 (T'Leth): Shroom Powerup in Low Floor. Boss room, powerup every 30 seconds, which randomly spawns around the middle section.

===v06 WIP#4 (World 3 Playtested)===
-Over 70 backgrounds have been externalized, reducing source + exe size!
-Some minor cleaning for backgrounds and unused rooms.
-Went through every. Single. World 1 level. Again. In the editor. So I could fix the missing tiles due to a bit TOO much cleaning. On a side note, one or two levels (such as Rice Beach) have much better tiling!
-Siren (W1-18) and Neo Cortex (W2-13) had their powerup respawn timers adjusted to 45 seconds. It was 50 seconds originally instead of 30, whoops.
-W2-5 (Aztec Citadel): Added some initial dialog. Fixed background issues near the temple entrance; there's even a flowing river now!
-W3-11 (Artificial Reef): The water is now properly transparent.
-W8-5 (Green Greens) is now accessible, with 2 new songs. Currently untested until I reach world 8.
-W3 Cutman no longer goes through walls or the ceiling, which means you can beat him without getting stuck! He should never, ever glitch again, but if you manage to do the impossible and glitch him outside the room, he will return to his starting position, so be careful.
-W3-3 (Maintenance Tower): Fixed missing BG; Fixed broken keyhole in AreaC.
-W3-5 (Mirror Falls): Fixed broken BG in AreaB2.
-W3-W2 (Wily Stage 2): Main Boss took WAYYY too long, reduced HP from 200 to 60.

===v06 WIP#3 (World 2 Playtested)===
-W1-WB (Hell Prominence): Minor adjustments to difficulty so it doesn't become downright unfair. 1st Room, mushroom powerup at very start so you don't have to die right away. 2nd Room, added Powerup at start, adjusted 3rd candle, last smb1 platform now goes up instead of down. 4th room, increased bombable brick depth (in object, general fix), so cannonballs can now be seen in front; mushroom powerup before the final platforms to counteract the bombs falling on you. 5th room, mushroom powerup in middle section.
-W2-S1 (Yellowstone Journey): Added a powerful, one-shot auto-reloading rifle to kill all that pesky wildlife (effective against moose!). Added Hammer Suit powerup at start, replaced all powerups in next 2 rooms with hammer suit as well. Removed walls during final autoscrolling sequence. No more cheap deaths!
-W2-S2 (Raccoon City): Fixed access to sewer section.
-W2-3 (Fever Las Vegas): Willy Boss has much less HP now. Still an unfair boss though, but he's quick to beat.
-W2-4 (Skyscraper Domain): Much more open and easier.
-Fixed broken stomping for NG Thugs & bird.
-Duke 3D Pigcop & Enforcer now have their appropriate death sounds.
-W2-5 (Aztec Citadel): Fixed incorrect song during the outside sections. Message box about vines in 2nd room + exit indicator at the top.
-W2-7 (Sahara Scramble): Adjusted placement for reloadable weapons. Removed Thompson M1928, replaced with the Remington shotgun. Karabiner is now also used, replacing the Thompson M1928 near the end section for a tougher battle. Dust Devils can now hurt you again. (NOTE: They're stationary. You can graze them, just don't go inside)
-W2-S4 (Running of the Bulls): Removed one particularly nasty crate at the very end.
-W2-F2 (Persian Palace): Fixed broken floor gate switches.
-W2-F3 (Tiger Temple): Boss HP halved; too much for such a simple fight.
-W2-13 (N.Sanity Island): Boss now spawns a powerup every 30 seconds, as the difficulty was a bit too... NSane.
-W2-15 (The Highlands): Slight adjustments to layout in the 2nd area.
-W2-16 (Scandinavian Campaign): Introduced the Classic, reloadable guns around certain areas for some additional balance (or just good fun). The end section is now a particularly interesting run&shoot...
-Reworked Metal Slug Rocket Launcher Vehicle, which was doing over a hundred 'If' checks (!!!) in the Step event, now only does ONE check. Fixed wrong frame being used after firing all missiles, as well as the strange purple segments on the tip after firing. The shot warning is now darker, so it doesn't burn our poor retinas.
-W2-17 (Transiberian Trek): (WIP)Fixed missing BGs. Introduced some classic weaponry at certain cabins. Final cabin is more rewarding. One of the Powerups at the Pre-Boss section is now a hammer suit. Replaced Boss section's Thompson with Karabiner, so make your shots count!
-W2-18 (Military Warzone): While a tough level, the latter section is now somewhat easier thanks to some extra goodies. Made Keyhole location more obvious thanks to a trail of rupees.
-W2-S5 (Industrial Nightmare): Placed Troop Powerup on 2nd room, now you can ride & shoot! Boss section is improved. Birdo near the end is a little easier now.
-Mouser can now turn around; no more sneaking to the right, smartypants.

=v06 WIP#2 (World 1 Playtested)=
-Relocated new levels into the following spots:
    - W1-S0 Height Valley, located in the water between Boo Mansion and Tiny-Huge Island.
    - W2-6 Cruise Control, located right after 2-5 Aztec Citadel (Switched spots with temple).
    - W4-7 Death Volcano, located before 4-WB (unavailable) and 4-6 (Dragon Dominion).
-The Siren from W1-18 (Isle of Mystery) now has dialog! During the boss fight, she now takes slightly longer to attack, and a powerup is spawned every 30 seconds. Improvements to text in the level.
-Added dialog for Bowser Jr. in W1-WB (Hell Prominence). There's an optional dialog if you decide to beat him instead of cutting off the bridge.
-(Requested) Reworked Metal Slug Rebel Rifleman step event, now much more efficient.
-The shyguys in the pause menus are now facing each other! They finally see eye-to-eye on things.
-Fixed several floating checkpoints in World 1.
-Fixed background issue in W1-S5 (Rice Beach).
-Fixed parabeetle placements, inconsistent difficulty in W1-11 (Sky Scurry).
-Fixed broken PoP floor switch in W1-S10 (The Crossroads).
-Fixed music restarting after exiting W1-F7 (Dungeon o' Doom)'s 2nd room.
-Removed Temp Test World, as there's no point to it now.

===v06 WIP#1===
-Added a temporary Test World. To access it, use the Previous Room cheat (#22) on the World 1 Map.
-Added 2 new levels:
    - 1-4 Height Valley (MKF-world1) -> Removed pointless Checkpoint; Fixed moving platform in middle by splitting into two.
    - W2 Cruise Control (Finlander) -> Improved enemy & item layout; NPCs fully functional; Cutscene is now complete and ends the level.     - W5 Death Volcano (Finlander) -> Vastly improved enemy and item placement; Fixed volcano eruption and music cutting of on 2nd room; Removed pointless dialog box on 3rd room; Now a tough but fair level.
-New Music:
    - volcano (Death Volcano)
-NPC Dialog System has been restored! Necessary changes have been made to the external dialog files.
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Needless to say, expect a lot of exciting stuff to come around next year...