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yes, but the build that's currently being uploaded to itch is unfortunately broken.

We're sorry about the error! The Android version of the game isn't currently functional.

Roads on slopes should work without problems. The european roads (the grey ones on the right) had no slope sprites since they were not ready, but this was fixed by the artist too.

This will be fixed together with new UI. We'll add a savegame dialog that let you name your save files and choose from different ones.

We're working hard on a complete new UI that will resolve this and many other issues. Stay tuned :)

I figured it out. Placing roads, demolishing them and them placing something over caused the crash. It's fixed now

Thank you! I've fixed the 1920x1080 crash and the update should be live now. But i cannot get the game to crash by placing objects. can you please provide a more detailled description, so i can reproduce and fix this? 



When i try to post a new devblog for cytopia i get the error message "error - missing token". I don't know why though.

This happens for all the moderators and on different browsers

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Another Gameplay Video by Kingtut 101

A Cytopia "SpeedArt" video by our lead graphics artist, Kingtut 101:

Are you on Windows? If so, which version and which architecture? (32 / 64bit?)

A gameplay timelapse video by Kingtut 101.