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Ah I see, thanks. So it just looks like I've been unlucky enough to be hit every time I tried it!

I especially love the ancient mythology theme, it makes a nice change from the usual Tolkienesque fantasy theme that you usually see with this kind of game.

This looks really interesting! I've had a quick play with it and have a question: when I press 1 to advance up the track, it doesn't advance but just passes my turn and my power bar disappears. The monster can then attack me and then I have to start raising my power bar from the bottom of the track again. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of "advance"?

Thanks! I'll be doing lots of testing over the next couple of weeks, so hopefully it'll be ready for release soon.

Thanks, woodsmoke! I'm quite pleased with how the palette turned out.

Thank you, Lucius! I hope you're enjoying the game. Unfortunately there's no save game feature. The games tend not to last very long so I didn't think it necessary at the time. If I write a more ambitious dungeon crawler in the future then I'd definitely include saved games, though!

Definitely me! I've been looking forward to joining a month-long DOS game jam since I just missed the last one.


This is a cute little game! I'm terrible at it, but enjoyed exploring what little I could reach.

I miss those type-ins from the books and magazines. They gave me lots of inspiration.