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Thanks a lot! Tell me if you play the game again 😁

I'm glad you liked the game, Thanks for the feedback! 

Hmm weird, I'm on edge too and it work indeed, haven't tried opera, but I know some people we're loading the game a bit slowly. 

Thanks for this really nice feedback 😁

I really liked making this game so maybe I will do something similar in the future! Or updating it with new secrets but that's not planned for now

Thanks for the feeback ! I'm glad you enjoyed the ride and being lost in the unknown ! I went with really basic controls to have more time to focus on the atmosphere and level design, seems it was a pretty good decision ^^

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Wow you've done two playthrough you we're really hooked !
Fortunatly game is way faster when you know the stars location. 

And thanks for the answer, one of my friend finished the game in a similar time! :)

Wow thanks for your feedback I'm super happy you loved the game! 

Honestly I wasn't thinking someone except my friends would finish the game since it's pretty long and hard to figure what to do 😆

If for you the game totally captured the feeling of being lost in the unknown then it's a win for me! I'm glad you loved the level design since a lot of work went on it. I'm really happy someone managed to figure how this dark universe interconnect and saw the ending 😁 

By the way I'm curious how much time it took you to finish the game? 

Thanks 😁

Mouse sensitivity is really high but game has great ambiance and it's satisfying to clean some blood !

Thanks for the feedback ! I will try to investigate the problem, on my side it load quickly but it was sometime a bit long in the editor. 

Good puzzle game with great atmosphere. I love how the tentacles moves ! 

Solid arcade entry. Really like the artstyle and it's fun to switch between the two characters. 

 I was a bit confused about what was my goal but it was fun. One of the sound constantly playing was painful for the ears but art was great and slapping all these people was really fun !

Wow I was immediatly hooked by the music, pretty fun and really cool art. 

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Wow I really liked all of these descriptions, well written and spooky.  A music would have been cool but the silence work well here I think. 

It's sad that there is no music, it could definitly add to the ambience but I really like the character art and the story is pretty cool. It's also nice to have to move the character while reading. 

Fantastic game, I was hooked from start to finish. The game is super chill, and I really like the art and the music. The difficulty was also good, maybe a bit on the easy side but it suits well the "chill" aspect of the game. 

Thanks ! I'm happy you loved the game ! 

I'm glad you liked the game ! I'm happy you like the arts too ! 

And yes there is some entries I really like ! It was a great jam 

Great game, super polished and using fish as projectile is super funny, one of the best entry i've tested !

Nice I wasn't very confident in my pixel art skills but i'm happy people still find the visual effective ! I Thanks for the nice comment ! I'm glad you enjoyed playing Seaside Duels ! 

Thanks !I had a ton of fun making the game, i'm glad you enjoyed it !

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I had a ton of fun making the different mechanics for each characters ! Really good to hear that you loved the game (and the urchins brothers name) !

Thanks ! I'm glad you liked the game and it's artistic direction 

Yes it was really fun to go with a super basic mechanic and making it shine thanks to the camera work and tension build up ! Thanks for these kind words !

Yes it is, the two black squares appearing on the bar just hide the red spot but you can still shoot it ^^ 

Yes your right without the animations the whole tension of the gunfight wouln't work ! I'm glad you liked the game. 

Super chill game with a funny artstyle and really good sound design.

Owh that's really funny indeed XD

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That's really nice to hear ! It's always an achievement to make a jam game that feel complete ^^

I always loved those game where you upgrade yourself over and over, it's always cool to see the XP bar rising as you destroy enemies. It's a bit sad that there is no sounds and music.  Those squares lacks a bit of personnality too, playing as a character would have been fun, of course making all those things take a lot of time and it's a jam ! Overall a simple but nice entry, congratulation for publishing, especially alone. 

I really like that everything is black except the sunset background, it add a very cool feeling to the game.  Music felt really missing, adding one will make the fightning much more fun.  Adding more feedbacks and juice to the fighting could also improve the fun (even if I know it can be hard to implement all those things during a jam) Nice entry !

Glad that you love the game ! I had a ton of funs making those camera movements to give a true western feeling !

Thanks :)

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Simple but effective game,. Was vibing way too hard to the music. 

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Nice concept, I really like the water effects with the shark underneath ! I had trouble escaping the sharks but I guess I just need to git gud. I liked the chill music too. Nice entry.

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One of my favourite for now, I just really love parrying in video game. The combat system is simple but it's super effective and responsive. The different enemies are super intresting. I love the retro art style. The sounds effect and the music suits the gameplay really well,really good job here. 

Really solid presentation, music and art is really good.
Game is a bit hard but mechanics are intresting, I really love the charged shot. 
Having multiple enemies with different behaviour is really nice too.

Really solid entry.

Wow, you totally nailed the boomerang, it's super fun and satisfying to use, killing multiples slimes in a row with a well timed shot is incredible. At first I was thinking it would have been hard to use the boomerang but since it bounces off the borders of the screen it make the whole things super manageable. I was fearing I would have to endlessly chase the boomerang but it was not the case. 
Only complain would be that there is no music and maybe that sometimes slimes spawns at bit too much into your face (mainly blue slimes, that's more noticable since they are fast)
Great entry I had good fun with this one.

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Really like the art style and animation, gameplay is simple but nice, i'm a bit sad there is no sound effects and music because it could have made the whole experience super fun. Nice entry.

Pretty funny, it remembered me of a lot of flash game I used to play when I was a kid so thanks for the nostalgia ! I really like the mini soldiers, map is maybe a bit big , you have to do a lot of back and forth, feedbacks when you select a unit would be great too (like a circle under their feets like in many RTS) because sometime I don't really know if I selected a unit or something. Otherwhise good entry with a nice selection of units (Personnaly I spamed Villagers)  

Funny attack mechanics, pretty hard to get used to it but like Cody said it seems pretty accurate and fair. Nice minimalist pixel art too.