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Thanks for the feedback i'm happy you liked the visuals ! 
Yes your right strafing would be great, I will add it after the jam if I have the time ! 
Indeed objects are not well centered, I didn't saw it at first but your right !

Thanks for the feedback ! Yes indeed the game can be difficult at first but once you've bought some skills a got some items things start to fall in place, multiple people finished the game so i'm pretty happy, but yes it's not easy haha. 
I'm glad you liked the art and ambiance too !

Really detailed feedback, thanks a lot ! I'm glad you found the game balanced because I struggled to make it nor too easy nor too hard.
Indeed I wanted every items and skills to be useful but situational. I'm happy you enjoyed the bosses too !
Yes 3 torches can work here because the game is small, If I make a bigger dungeon crawler I will have to think of an other system !
Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked the art style even if you were unable to play. I will try to post a downloadable updated version post jam, maybe it will work better on your computer !
Oh and yes the game doesn't work on phone 😬

I'm glad you liked the game ! Indeed this plugin is very cool, with it you can go 3d while keeping a top down view or go first person like I've done here.
Yes I thought it would be cool to limit the number of saves, it's an interesting challenge and since the game is not very long it's not too oppressive imo. I'm happy you enjoyed the spikes and hostile plants too, I wanted to give each area a very distinctive identity.
Thanks for this nice feedback !

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Thanks for this really nice comment ! 
Indeed the game need some tuning and balance, I will maybe make some tweaks post-jam to improve upon it. 

Yes that's a bunch of stuff in a week lol , RPG maker easy to use systems and premade combat allowed me to create things very fast, with an other engine I would not have been able to make as much stuff alone in a week, (I also had ton of free time this week so it helped a lot).

I will likely add strafe if I make a post jam update, I had multiple feedbacks on this subject.

Thanks a lot for the 5 stars ! it means a lot !


I'm glad your liked the game, thanks for the feedback. Indeed the RPG maker combat is a bit simplistic without some plugins/script edit, I tried to make it more suited for playing only one character using action points but it's still pretty similar to the original combat, it's not a combat system I love too, but I wanted to try it ! 

Thanks for your feedback, yes I wanted a pretty simple combat system so I could focus more on building the atmosphere and world design ! 

What a nice comment, thanks for the feedback I'm glad you enjoyed the game this much ! I worked a lot on the atmosphere so your words really means something.  I'm glad you enjoyed the writing since it's one of the first game I've done with some sort of narration (even if it's very vague), I will probably work the lore a bit more and use it as a basis for a dark fantasy TTRPG scenario I will play with my friends. 

Thanks for this great feedback, I'm glad you liked the game ! 
Yes the jail is probably the hardest area to go first, while it's still manageable you quickly need to buy some skills (especially some dealing magic damage) to be able to defeat the enemies efficiently.

Yes like you saw the jail executioner has an execute attack that can instakill you, however he only uses it when your hp are low ! (under 25hp)

And yes I found that there is a bug with out of combat items, sometime when you exit combat you have to walk a few steps before being able to use items again, I'm not sure what cause this bug for now and I will investigate, like you said it can be really annoying if you are close to death and bleeding, so I'm sorry for this  unfair death.

Normally except if you play the game on another browser you should keep your save !

Oh wow i'm really happy you've finished the game, and thanks for this great feedback ! Yes indeed the billboard effect can be confusing at time I will try to improve this if I make a post jam updated version. 
Yes I really wanted items to be able to help you depending on the zone, magic resistance item being great for the cosmic ruins for example but almost useless in the dungeon, same for the skills, spells are powerful against the dungeon's armoured foes but pretty useless against the ruin's wizards. 
The atmosphere was one of my main focus so I'm happy you enjoyed it !
For the demons they are actually not triggered by defeating the bosses, they spawn when your mind stat is low (at 20 or lower to be exact), it's to show you start to go insane and have visions of cosmic horror like creatures but it can be a bit unclear indeed !

Thanks for the feedback i'm glad you liked the game ! I really wanted to create a cohesive experience with a great atmosphere so I'm glad you liked that. Yes billboard sprites can be annoying at times and the turn/strafe idea you mentioned is really good, I will try to change this in a post jam updated version ! 

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Wow thanks for this really nice feedback ! I'm happy you enjoyed your times with the game, building a good atmosphere was one of my main focus ! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I added most of the things I wanted (just had to sacrifice some hours of sleep lol) so I'm really happy you found the game complete ! 
I love game with monochrome palette, it  makes me nostalgic of a time I never knew, I always had a thing for indie games with similar art style so I wanted to make one too ! I'm going to check your game the art style looks nice too !
Thanks for the feedback ! 

Thanks for the feedback ! I'm glad to hear that, building a good atmosphere was one of my main focus so I'm happy I did well ! 

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and found it complete ! There are still things to polish but I've added most of the content I initially planned.
And yes i'm a sucker for 1bit aesthetic, it makes me feel nostalgic of a time I never knew haha, same for Dungeon synths musics.
Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks for the feedback, i'm glad you liked the atmosphere, it was one of my main focus I should say, I really wanted this retro dark fantasy vibe with some cool dungeon synth in the background ! 

Thanks for the feedback ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game ! 
Yes the beginning can be a little rough, especially depending on which zone you start, but by killing some enemies you can quickly gain some resources to heal yourself or restore your MP, after that you usually have enough points to get some skills and start kicking ass !
Nice for the random encounter, at first I feared putting too much of them because it's can quickly get annoying if you have to fight every 10 sec in this type of game.

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I really liked the game, art and sounds are good and really set the mood, movements is also really fast and fluid. The level design if maybe a bit too simple but it works. I really like the fight system, maybe being able to cast multiple spells in a turn would make it even more fun. Like CryptRat said below speeding enemy turn can also be nice, it can quickly get a bit long. 
Overall a really fun and solid entry with a great atmosphere and really nice concept of a combat system. Love the wizard face expression.
Oh and the intro was dope !! with the voice and everything, awesome. 

Great atmosphere and music, the art style and characters are great too ! 
However I must admit i'm not a big fan of the fighting system, maybe I don't understand it well but it seemed too random for my taste. 
Like someone else mentioned I also don't understand quite well what dictate the number of actions you can do in a fight, sometime it's three, sometimes four. 
But the game benefit greatly from the cast and the ambiance, I love the idea of being a child exploring his house basement with his cat and teddy bear, it's so cute. Love the idea.

Really nice comment, thanks for the feedback ! 
For the FPS i'm not sure what can cause it, maybe it's browser dependant since I have no issue on mine (i'm using Opera). Once the jam is over I will put a desktop version, I think it should fix  the lag problems ! 

Yes i'm also (bit strange since i've made this game lol) not a big fan of this fight system but I wanted to try it, and since it was pretty easy to make a fight system like this in a week with RPG maker it allowed me to gain a lot of time for level design, building the ambiance etc... 

Thanks for playing ! 

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Wow it's really good. I love the artstyle and different characters. The dice based combat is really fun too, great work, really solid entry. I will try to finish it !

The artstyle is very cool, exploration was pretty nice too. Like you said a bug make our character invincible, but otherwise I think the game would have been really hard lol, fighting a single enemy left me close to death, so trying to dodge them seems more efficient.  Some sound effects would have been nice but in a week it can sometime be hard to add everything. Good job!

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I'm glad you like the vibe! If you try the game don't hesitate to tell me what you and your group thought about it! If people likes the game I will maybe release some additional optional tables and stuffs. 

Thanks a lot! Tell me if you play the game again 😁

I'm glad you liked the game, Thanks for the feedback! 

Hmm weird, I'm on edge too and it work indeed, haven't tried opera, but I know some people we're loading the game a bit slowly. 

Thanks for this really nice feedback 😁

I really liked making this game so maybe I will do something similar in the future! Or updating it with new secrets but that's not planned for now

Thanks for the feeback ! I'm glad you enjoyed the ride and being lost in the unknown ! I went with really basic controls to have more time to focus on the atmosphere and level design, seems it was a pretty good decision ^^

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Wow you've done two playthrough you we're really hooked !
Fortunatly game is way faster when you know the stars location. 

And thanks for the answer, one of my friend finished the game in a similar time! :)

Wow thanks for your feedback I'm super happy you loved the game! 

Honestly I wasn't thinking someone except my friends would finish the game since it's pretty long and hard to figure what to do 😆

If for you the game totally captured the feeling of being lost in the unknown then it's a win for me! I'm glad you loved the level design since a lot of work went on it. I'm really happy someone managed to figure how this dark universe interconnect and saw the ending 😁 

By the way I'm curious how much time it took you to finish the game? 

Thanks 😁

Mouse sensitivity is really high but game has great ambiance and it's satisfying to clean some blood !

Thanks for the feedback ! I will try to investigate the problem, on my side it load quickly but it was sometime a bit long in the editor. 

Good puzzle game with great atmosphere. I love how the tentacles moves ! 

Solid arcade entry. Really like the artstyle and it's fun to switch between the two characters. 

 I was a bit confused about what was my goal but it was fun. One of the sound constantly playing was painful for the ears but art was great and slapping all these people was really fun !

Wow I was immediatly hooked by the music, pretty fun and really cool art. 

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Wow I really liked all of these descriptions, well written and spooky.  A music would have been cool but the silence work well here I think. 

It's sad that there is no music, it could definitly add to the ambience but I really like the character art and the story is pretty cool. It's also nice to have to move the character while reading. 

Fantastic game, I was hooked from start to finish. The game is super chill, and I really like the art and the music. The difficulty was also good, maybe a bit on the easy side but it suits well the "chill" aspect of the game.