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Are you able to properly tag the Linux download as being for Linux? Currently can't be downloaded through the itch client. Cheers!

Thank you, love the game.

Are you able to properly tag the downloads for Windows? Currently only the demo can be downloaded through the itch client as a result.

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Approaching the end of the game, talking to Sean, then the snerson conversation happens. Most I've laughed all week.

(Also, managed to get an unintentional pun in this already pun-filled game. Called my character Egg, got called a good egg.)

Only been playing this game for a little bit and already in love with it.

One request, though: a setting to disable scroll-based movement. I'm on a laptop right now and it's very easy to accidentally scroll on the trackpad, which has already gotten me killed once.

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Legal issues can be pretty sucky.

Only just starting to solve these puzzles but I have to leave a comment because I can't believe nobody else has. This is such a fun-looking book, both with the puzzles and the aesthetic. Very excited to continue progressing through this world!

5 stars for the title alone

One question: What's the writing on the "SPOR DIRE" mug supposed to be?

Frickin' beautiful.

i love this but trixie please dont eat sand

thank u

chess needed more girlboss

03 is correct, she is indeed a "widdle cutie".

and 04's an absolute weeb

I don't want to keep this not-game on my computer. But I don't want to delete it either. It's strange.

I talked to Hempuli, and they said the levelpack restrictions were intentional, as this beta is available even to those who haven't bought the game, and enabling levelpacks would make it too easy to get access to the full game without having bought it. They did, however, also say they're looking into the best way to allow levelpack-related features without enabling the aforementioned problem.

Apparently there should be an "Enable Advanced Features" setting in the editor's general settings, but it isn't there for me, so...

Your purchase on should enable you to get access to a Steam key.

Capturing locations is in the alpha build.

Yeah, I'd really like to see the Mac port here!

When it releases on Steam, will there be a MacOS version available?

Though you've probably solved the problem after 6 hours, if something like this happens again, try typing

killall "Desktop Goose"

in the Terminal

This... is adorable.

I just found this and it is really fun to create universes and study them. I found a rather interesting one where pink spheres would "eat" blue particles and shoot them out as yellow bullets that could kill other pink spheres. Really fascinating to watch.  (JznxeBy, 6 elements)

I know I'm almost a year late, but I believe it happened because the developer didn't sign their game. Signing a game requires a license, which costs money, which is why a lot of smaller games get flagged.