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I have noticed that the downloads folder in my Itch app's install location is very large recently. I think that is the folder that holds the cache for the downloads so you can resume and such when you open and close the launcher, but my downloads thing is completely empty currently but the downloads folder is about 5.47GB. It has a ton of folders, the overwhelming majority of which just contain two .json files (operate-context.json and operate-log.json) and nothing else.

Is it okay to delete some/all of these to get that ~5.5GBs of space back without breaking the installed games I have?

I can't seem to hire any girls after the original three even if there are no currently employed girls?

Hi, really enjoying using this for keeping track of my little worlds! I am seeing a weird behaviour, maybe a bug? When I ctrl click on a section to make a new object in that section, it opens three new object tabs at once. The action when hitting the new object button is normal, it's just when creating a new object within a section.

Not app breaking or anything but a tad annoying.

You can see it if you go to 

This is what the inside of the folder looks like.

I updated through the Itch launcher and now hitting launch just opens the game folder and I'm not sure what item to click on in the folder that would launch it from there.

I'm sorry that happened to you!  I hope that you can find a  schedule that works for you and that people aren't jerks about.

Sorry if this has been asked a ton or if it was answered above and I just overlooked it but is there a specific time frame after which the exclusive versions are released on here?

Nope, don't even own one.

Is the camera meant to constantly rotate?

Same issue. I love the character though, so cute.