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I am trying to use sprytile in blender, however I can't seem to open the tile picker. I can place the bottom left tile from my tile set, and all other features are working other than the tile picker appearing. I am using blender 4.0, and I am using sprytile Version 0.5.25. I don't have any other plugins active in blender. 

any information on this would be amazingly helpful, because there really isn't much information anywhere I can find! 

(image shows build mode selected but tile set picker not showing up)

Hello! on the level select screen, there is a key bindings button. it looks like a < b, but I should change it to a cog or something else. if you click it from the level select, you will be able to change the key bindings. hopefully that will help you enjoy the game more! 

if you want to talk in discord, feel free to ping me! 

1. the spot at the top is where the demo ends. I should probably make a "thank you for playing" room.
2. I can fix that. 

3. any advice/things I should fix? thank you for pointing this out!

thank you for your feedback, and thank you for answering honestly! your feedback lines up a lot with what other people have been telling me. your feedback is invaluable. 

please stay on topic with your feedback. other than that, feel free to use as much constructive criticism as you want.