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Haha, should there be a Cute Robot Cookbook?

I was hungry some of the time, and I think cooking together is a good bonding experience.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I made it because I wanted to play a game like it and couldn't find one.

I just saw Haniety's playthrough on YouTube and had to try it myself. Very cute, and I love all the buildup to the choice. The end was a bit abrupt to me, but still a fine place to end. Thanks!

Wow, thank you for the detailed review!

Yes, the support group plot was kind of a play on both kinds of attraction there. I agree with your points about support groups!

I hadn't thought about an android "owner" pushing boundaries like that and making those five years a living hell. Perhaps an android in such a toxic situation could make an appeal. I put a few options in the game to be rude and treat the android like they don't matter, but haven't really thought over how bad things could get.

I do have another idea that would take place in the same universe, with an android who's been around a long time. Probably the same size, but a very different story, with no romantic options. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about it.

Thanks, glad you loved it! I would love a Spanish translation! I did some coding with the writing so that it works for female, nonbinary, and male characters. If you could provide female and male translations, I think I could figure the rest out. You can DM me on Twitter, or I can provide my email address if that works better. Gracias!

63.0.3368.35. But! I think I ticked the wrong box somewhere when I was uploading something. I don't think it was an Opera issue after all.

I recently made a small change from Opera and saved the project, and it looks like the setting for "playable in browser" doesn't show up in Opera.

Long story short, it's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out!

Oh no! Let me see what went wrong.

Yay! I was going for cute.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. You're the first to mention anything about it taking place in Canada!

I liked Robot Daycare so much, that I had to try this out. It's a new game concept to me. I recognise some of the influences, but they're brought together in a new way.

That many characters sound like a lot to deal with, but mostly paired off and dealt with in various combinations works.

I wonder a lot about the setting, who is behind all of this, and about the character whose grave we see near the beginning. I look forward to more!

Nano also means "tiny" (one-billionth), which is cute for the character.

I got chills from the very end of the bad ending. I like that I finished the good ending first and cared about the characters before... all of that happened.

It's impressive that you made this within 30 days! I spent about a year on mine. Thanks for checking mine out too! Hope you like it.

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Thank you for this! I just finished the good ending, and I cried a few times. I plan to try for the bad ending soon! The characters are all relatable, and I especially love how Nano was written, logical but learning about feelings. I wanted to try out this game after also writing a game with a child robot character, and I was not disappointed.

Also, was Nano named for NaNoRenO? Cute name either way!

Thanks for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I like your honest description of your reaction.

I have playtested hundreds of times, and for me, the android seems the most non-human in the romantic route, if that helps.

Thank you for your detailed comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! It's something I came up with when figure out how to do more on my own, not being much of an artist.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. This is probably the only game I'll make that is anything like this. It seems to me that everything that you think would be problematic would be okay if the character is not an actual child and does not think like a child.

Okay. I have a Twitter. Maybe I'll post a clip there.

I haven't done a video capture of the game, but I'm sure I can figure that out. That's the only part I'm missing.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you! I commissioned the character art and found public domain music and sound effects. 

I will look into the Game Development World Championship.

It's the future. You are a computer professional. You decide to customise and buy a childlike sentient android. Five years of service are included. After that, the android will be free to stay with you or move on. How you treat them will determine whether they stay and what sort of relationship may develop.

The player character and the android each have a choice of nonbinary, female, or male.

Some routes contain romantic content but not sexual or graphic content.