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It uses PbtA. Thanks for asking! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hello! I'm a seller in the United States, offering an option for physical copies of my games. I had someone in the EU purchase a copy and they were automatically charged VAT. How do I ship to them in such a way that they don't get charged again when it arrives? There's a spot on the customs form for a ioss number, but itch didn't provide me with one. 


Hi! I am trying to send download keys to a list of people to fulfill a Kickstarter. I uploaded the csv of backers, drafted the email, and hit send. It said I needed to get approval for my account to ensure I'm not using it to spam. I sent an email to a week ago and a follow-up at the end of the week. I still haven't received any sort of reply, other than an automated reply to confirm receipt. How do I get in touch with someone as I really need to be able to fulfill my Kickstarter? Thanks!

This is an awesome adventure! And congrats on the Ennie nomination! Much deserved!

I really appreciate the update! And I hope that you're taking the time you need for yourself. I would much rather get a game later than know that the process of getting it out was unhealthy for the creator!

Wonderful expansion to the beauty and terror of Sleepaway! Can't wait to incorporate this into my future games!

This looks amazing! And exactly what I want in my superhero stories (and why Superman will always be my favorite)! Are you planning to do a print run at some point? I'm 100% getting this, but would love to have it on my shelf if it's an option. Thanks!

I had an absolute blast with this game! My regular gaming group played it last night for the first time. This was my first time trying to GM a zero prep game, so I was a little intimidated by being so unprepared. But the game is built in such a way that we almost immediately settled in and were having a great time. At no point did I feel unprepared while actually playing.

Everything from character creation all the way through the finale was fantastic! We all agreed that we want to play again soon (though all of the players were so attached to their characters after just one session they hated to see them go). 

What's more, I've had several other BoB and FitD games on my list to try. Our experience with this game (which draws on both of those systems) really sparked an interest in trying those by some of my players who were previously on the fence. 

Wow. Just wow. This game is a work of art. The mix of wonder, melancholy, and horror was unexpected, but it's absolutely perfect! I simply cannot recommend this game enough! Can't wait to add a physical copy to my shelf!

Great, thanks for the clarification! I have the zip folder of V1.31. The EH singles file and spreads file have the =+2 Success, -1 Stress on the Introduction page. The Zine Spread file lists it correctly.


I'm reading through this and can't wait to run it! This looks fantastic! One quick question: when reading the Employee Handbook, the Overview page list a critical success as +1 Success, -1 Stress, but the Introduction page lists it as +2 Success, -1 Stress. Could you clarify which it should be? Thanks so much!