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thank you!

Ha-HA! I won!!

Delightful. It took me a while and no small amount of luck but I'm DONE! I had a great time. I have some gripes about the games, but a quick look through older comments let me see that people have already covered most of what I had to say! So I'm only left with one question, do you intend on making sweet sweet m3rch? I'm spelling it like that to avoid bots but like, look into redbubble or something all these designs are gorgeous.

I sure hope so! I'm looking into it, hopefully enough people are enticed by it :3

I'm so very glad you like it <3

Awww thank you <3

I fixed it

holy shit. fuck. I forgot to upload it. wow. thank you for telling me.

thank you!!!

why thank you! i hope you will find my other works to your liking!

2d10 as per the PSG. I am not aware of the new rules, however, and do not plan on updating this splat anytime soon, I've kinda moved on from mothership to pastures new.


heck it's been a while i'll put up 10 of em', why not

hi, there doesn't seem to be any way to access options? the first screen just shows basic instructions, no menu, pressing any button just starts the game but the text is all out of wack because it automatically gets into french and the font doesn't have an é so it's very jarring (especially given that the french translation seems to be like, google translated)

i mean how do you convince people inreal life?

maybe they'll pretend to go along with you

maybe they won't

tbf though this is more of a lyric game than an actual game

you shouldn't think in terms of the mechanics and more letting the book take you over in some kind of paranoid fever dream

Hm. I think it'd be a pretty "free form" journaling game. The tables help you generate a place, a power and its warped inhabitants in order to have a scenario, so it won't give you any actual story, just ideas.

that means a lot, being seen by someone with similar experiences <3

if you like this and got the bundle for trans rights, check out my main game, fears & fathoms, it's in the same philosophical vein <3

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ravie que ça te plaise :D

heck, if anyone feels like translating it, they totes can (as long as they link this page ofc)

i've tried translating it to french but the turns of phrases are harder to recreate and even less clear, i find

heck yeah, gimme that photo, and you can send it @RibstonP as well

Hi again, I have answered your email, and will update the game page to reflect your interrogations. Thanks for reaching out.

Oh no I just hadn't properly figured out how itch works lol, now should be good!

Yeah the problem with how the pathways are designed is that when a street is north to the building you might have trouble seeing it