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It's great to practice typing.

I just found this problem when I saw the message you posted, it's my first time using, I didn't notice this, I'm really sorry.

 As for the shader issue, I didn't notice before development that the result of rust-gpu build needs vulkan compatibility layer, in fact, not only macos, including wasm version also can't work properly, I will consider this issue in next development.

Thank you for your comments, compatibility issues will be a priority for me in the next game jam.

Sounds great, I hope I can play a version similar to Crypt of the Necrodancer afterwards.

It would be nice to have a smooth animation effect.

It would be nice to have a smoother animation effect.

Thanks for your reply, the game as a whole was actually developed in about one night and I didn't have time to think about the conditions for losing the game.

Now if I think about it in detail, in the game, the score decreases over time, and when it decreases to zero, the game ends if there is no score increase for a sustained period of time.

Thank you again for playing and replying. I also tried the game you submitted and it feels similar to a music game?