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That game is mind blowing! I'm currently listening to the Asian Represents stream of Balikbayan and MC-ing quite a long campaign for my polish gamin group. And they are LOVING IT.

I have a couple questions though:

1. A lot of the elemental magic descriptions have consequences and hard choices included. I understand they are there for the neutral moves only, yep?

2. You had an fantastical character keeper in your game with Actual Play <3. Is there any chance you can share with us one of those? :)

3. During Asian Represents stream you were using some world building mechanics that aren't present in the BETA version of the game (spending tokens to unlock setting elements). Are those only for Patrons or can anyone who'd bought the game upgrade their version to the newest one?

4. Are there any plans for the final version in the upcoming months?

Keep up the amazing work! Greetings from Poland :)

Jami! This game is absolutely amazing! It's mind blowing, that you can fit a whole, complete, playable game in such a small format... It has everything: neat character creation, 2 well designed evocative moves, main clock and an end goal, very smart in game economy etc.

I just LOVE your design <3. I'm introducing your games to my polish gaming groups - we've just finished a 2-sessions play of Whispering Tree and we're in the middle of the long Balikbayan campaign (after which we're planning to play Become One in the same group).

Just being curious - are you considering developing Journey to the Whispering Tree any further?

Greetings from Poland! Your work is AMAZING.