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Just wondering

I'd also be more interested in some of the background on how the underlying mechanics work. Not sure if you mind sharing those publically. Is it genetic algorithms? Is there any sort of AI involved? 

lol thanks for replying 

Ah that's alright I guess. Yeah these trees do get really messy 

Ok thanks for the tips. Yeah I've actually gotten some significantly taller plants since I made this post, but the improvements seem small at this point. Also, it's really difficult to judge height at this point since I have to continuously jump and the wind makes them bend a lot. It would be really helpful if there was like a god mode where you could mass plant (tho I understand if you feel that takes away from the intended nature of this game). However, it would be really helpful if you could have your own island away from this for projects. Something with an area that's totally flat so you could more easily compare results. Another idea would be to have some properties of plants stated (i.e. flower petal number, height, etc) in the tab view

But yeah this game definitely has something going with it being all done by eye, not having a consistent naming system, etc. It's kind of a rejection of the Western obsession with abstraction in the name of efficiency that came along with industrialization.  Which I totally dig... but like, I also want a tall plant lol. 

I also like how the plants aren't named tbh. Like in real life how every plant has totally different names by different cultures that interacted with them, the same could happen here if the game gets big enough. One community/wiki/whatever could come up with their own nomenclature while others come up with a different system. Names tell a lot about the relationships people have with the plants 

Thanks for the great and thoughtful game. I look forward to future updates

Yeah, really any sort of ability to filter through would be highly appreciated. Me and a group of friends bought the bundle and I went through to find coops and multiplayer games we could play together and it took me all day to go through it. If I were able to filter by tags it would've been a lot smoother

Show us the family tree!

I'm trying to make the tallest plant possible, but have been having a lot of trouble. I thought if I used the cactus-looking plant with the thick trunk and mixed it with a tall plant it could be a good start. And it kinda was but I have no idea where to go from here as every new plant looks around the same height. Here's some of what I've grown: