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Survived for 288 days. Very cool game!

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FYI (may be something with Godot 4.0 itself) but on Firefox it instantly crashes the browser after finished loading. Will play on a chromium based one.

Oh, just noticed on the description it won't work on MacOS :(

Would you mind either joining our discord server or dropping us an email on hey (at) sharing more details (your PC specs, system, etc)? -- it may be an issue with version only, will take a look ASAP!

sensacional! comecei sem muita expectativa e o jogo me prendeu demais. uma época que embora eu não tenha vivido totalmente, foi a minha infância inteira praticamente, muito bom reviver e ter vários sentimentos nisso.

humor excelente e situações inesperadas. bom demais, anseio pelo próximo capítulo!

Very cool and fun game! The XBR filter looked really nice!

Nice concept! Really enjoyed it!

This game is so fun! And congrats by making it without a mainstream game engine!

Very neat concept. Would love this in a full game.

It is an interesting concept. Unfortunately, so far it is really easy to just spam everywhere with towers and stop seeing any progression on the game, but could be developed further.

This game is lovely. I didn't made as far as I saw some other in comments, but loved progressing through it.

As said by @Darenn, I also felt like I needed to play it. Especially after recently making also a resource management game and getting stuck from where to go now.

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Under Siege is a chaotic strategy game where your lands are being raided by strong enemies. You have no change against them.

Yet, your civilians want to fight for their home. Train workers, knights, paladins and archers in order to protect yourself and destroy as many enemies as possible.

Play it right from your browser here. Although the game works in mobile, I recommend using a PC since in mobile it has some bugs.

Every feedback is heavily appreciated.

This is an entry for Ludum Dare #50 under the theme: Delay the Inevitable

In game

In game screenshot with enemies in a few spots.

Game over screen

It shows a highscore, your final score and a try again button

Would love a macOS version 🥺

Claro! :)

Thank you a lot! These feedbacks are being very important to me :)

Thank you! I had this idea after give up from using free sound effects which could not fit into the game. Some of them got excessively bad but I think it sounds funny

Thanks! Unfortunately in some parts there were some "unfair" difficulties which were caused for the needing of a much precise movement instead of puzzle and strategy. It's something that I'll definitely improve later to make it more smooth and fair :)

Muito bom! Você pretende eventualmente fazer uma versão maior do projeto?

Sorry for this. Actually, this game was made for a game jam, and due some time problems, I've writed the controls and tips just on the submission post. But I have plans to made this a real and complete game.

Obrigado pelo aviso! Atualizei na página principal.

Press "E" when you're behind the enemies, then you should make them "sleep", using your first spell. After this, do the same thing with the second skill to transform yourself into them, so they will stop try to kill you.