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I really like this game. the controlls feel great, the music is nice and the controlls feel smooth.

Also i really liked this crt filter as well as the sprites and theyre animations.

the tiles yould have been a little more detailed an interessting.

The idea of this game is indeed very interesting.

The Sound and the visuals are great but it took me a while to understand the gamplay mechanics.

I think this controll scheme is not ideal for this kind of Gameplay.

But otherwise a nice game.

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What the hell did i just play?

i mean no offence but what even is the goal of this. And the Controlls are very wired.

But i liked the music with the vocals.

This is one of the most polished Games of this Jam.

The Sound effects are well done end i like the camera shake .

This is a nice Game.

I really liked the face donnie makes right after he has pooped out a dounut.

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Holy smokes that Asset Looks awesome definitly gonna try it out. Thank you very much sir.

Well i did a little Research and found Out that Pico 8 uses Lua as its programming language and im not really down to learning Lua(Languages where the first entry of an array has the Index 1 creep me out lol). I thought, since its basically an emulator or virtual machine of a non existing console, that it would use a simple Assembler or something C like. That would have been way more interesting for me personally. But hey, you enjoyed it and thats what matters.

This right here is a very nice little game with so much attention to detail.

I love the transition between the menu and the game.

Gameplay wise its simple and engaging so well done 

Good Game

The visuals are really nice and gameplay wise its hard but i could make it to the end.

Its very hard in the middle and i feel like the boss is a little to easy and stretched out but thats just little things. But overall i really enjoyed it

Hi there. 

I have to say that this is quite a unique idea. It looks, sounds and feels great. Clearly one of the best Games of this jam. Even though the donut theme in this game is very far fetched. But everywhere else 5/5

This gave me a lot of inspiration. Thank you for this game.

Thanks Mate.

I really like the Idea that you have 2 Weapons which are controlled by differend buttons. You could make each a different weapon to make it even better.

However there are a few Bugs you need to fix. But keep up the good Work.

This game look great. I think if the enemys were a little slower i would even last more than 10 seconds XD.

This is the DarkSouls of Doughnut Warzone Sky Games.

Very nice game. I dont know why but these Pico-8 games always look and feel so good. I have to try pico 8 for myself now i think. 

But of course its not the engine that makes a great game. Its you ;).

The sprites are really nice. The town in the Background especially.

But there are a lot of bugs like donuts spawning only on the spawn position. you can walk animation plays while walking  and the background stops a few setps away.

But i think you learned a lot with this project and thats what matters.

Keep going.

Good Game.

I mean its basically DoodleJump but its so addicting. 


Nice Game. I enjoyed playing it. 

But  in my opinion the controlls would feel much nicer if the player would stop instantly if you release a button. But maybe thats just me. Maybe you wanted it to be exactly this way.

Wow Thank you so much for you`re feedback im glad you liked it.

And its not a bug its a feature.

Jokes aside. Since a donut has a hole in it the enemys can fly through this hole and dont get hit. Thats a mechanic i came up with when i was brainstorming. I tried to make a tutorial to explain this but unfortunatly i ran out of time so i couldnt finish it. Its stated in the Description however.

Thanks mate :)

Thants good to know. My friends who tested it for me said the same but i thougth if it was easier it wouldnt be that much fun.

Maybe next time i should listen to my buddys XD

But anyway thank you for playing.

I have to say that this is one of the best games of this jam I played so far. The whole Atmosphere of this game is soo good with these beautyfull graphics and sound.

The Gameplay is very simple and thats what makes it so smooth.

Thank you.

Nice game.

I like how you did the camera movement. The inverted mouse always confuses me but thats personal preference.

Nice Game.

I am happy to see this style of jumping again. Still feels great.

And nice Graphics by the way.

Too bad :(. But thank you.  Maybe next time :)

Thanks buddy.

I put a lot of time into the Sprites. Maybe a little too much since it took up a lot of the 72 Hours.


May I ask how you got the visuals done? I really like this low resolution style and want to replicate it. Im still fairly new to Unity so it would help me a lot.

And this floating Island looks sooo beautyfull.

I`m not gonna mention the bugs because hey 3 days. Also you`ve written you are aware of them.

Overall a very nice game.

I have to say that these sprites are beautyfull.

And the gameplay is also very nice


I think this is a great game. The visuals are beautifull an I LOVE the dash animation. The controlls are also very nice.

But theres a gamebreaking bug. When you die and then restart your position will always reset if you jump. 

The idea is really cool and the visuals too.

But I think you should have added Sound

Good job. I like the Visuals

just 2 little things.

I think the shot should have been displayed even if you dont hit an enemy

And a quit button would been nice.

But otherwise I think its a neat game.

nice game

I think it would feel great with a controller but sadly i have no controller available at the moment.

Hi there,

first of all I have to say that the art is very nice.

Gameplay is also very nice. The only thing i would change is that you can jump up a wall almost indefinitly by just holding right or left and up while jumping against the Wall.

Overall a very nice and complete experience. I enjoyed it.

Aww thank you very much sir.

Apreciate your Feedback.

Hi there.

I had a lot of fun playing this game although it took me a while to get the bolt cutter. Took me around 30 min to beat the game XD.

I love the setting, the visuals and the humor of this Game. It could easily be expandet to a full fledget adventure.

Btw sometimes the "Press Space to talk" dialouge is covert by the enviroment. You can see this in the first screen when you walk up to Infobot.

This is a very neat little game. From the visuals to the (fantastic) music. Its just so appealing. Great Job.

I would let the illumination fly in a straight line without the curves but i guess your aware of this an did it intentionaly.

I had a blast playing this with my friends. Too bad this doesnt have more players.

And the developer has stopped working on this as it seems. Thats too bad. It`s a nice Game.