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hu tao lover69 (cubic)

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mustamakkara hillolla vai sinaapilla

94200 points

aint no way

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played on gx games this is fun

i would want one too but deluge drop quit making games

when is the next update

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i will bought the game on steam 



is the boss dude still playable

wasn't this originally in a jam good job

en tienny et sul oli itch

i meant it like im a scratcher because im a scratcher

the thing is that is planned everything but there is a problem and its my silly little brain i know how to make games but the thing is that i am bad at level designing and lost my motivation

conclusion - im going mental and i am no longer a silly gnarp gnarp


i got 69240 as my score

my score was 69240

I am not joking it was almost 69420 SO nic

but will you consider updating this

club pengu

game is probably but the modules are kinda meh i cant download it sadly

im going to probably post my game but the game is not fun and the meaning of it is not connecting between everything so when i make it it is more like an experience that still looks like crap

i can not use it my engine does not support  it so can i make the game size bigger but the size limit is only visible the things that are out of the size limit are black borders or something


say when you have the game then i will delete this comment

make a new project load the file from computer in scratch the file i gave you (download the new one)

the file has a beaten save file accidentally you can go reset it if you want in the backgrounds of the game and do not leak it i trust you

i understand i may try to play the game when i get a new computer

my computer is under 2015 old probably it used to be a computer in a store

the game is decent but my computer sucks so i need to play with very bad graphics and when i clicked go back to landing pod it just went black

the game is good but i can not play it because the starting button is not on my keyboard it is the but it does not work

isnt this just a stolen scratch game

the jam ended because i forgot 

but gonna test this soon

click to shoot them forgot to tell you can shoot

you can click to shoot but i forgor to add it to the desc

very hard to play but nice

Very fun and 

the art is so good i thought you did not use the palette

very cool

like the use of pico-8

i tried the game already but dont remember and dont have time now

u probably cant put a vr game into a browser

i was dum

nice i got blob fish in under than five mins

scratch game

i couldnt for some reason