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Cube Well

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A simple fun audio toy, great job.

La Pâte à Son is still around by the way, you can find it in Flashpoint.

This was extremely fun to explore. Is it alright if I sample a bit of this for the opening track of my next album? And if so, how would you like to be credited?

Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you liked it. I don't make zines regularly, but I have one more I'd like to post sometime this month. Stay tuned.

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I think I kinda played this game wrong because I didn't know how SHARECART1000 worked until just a day ago. Thankfully, it still stands up well on its own. I've had a lot of fun exploring.

EDIT: I think I just got to the end (or an end, if there's more than one) and oh boy. Oh wow. Nothing could have possibly prepared my eyes and ears for that. Thank you so much... this game was a journey and I was very glad to be on it.

I found this game to have delightful vibes because I too am an avid rain enjoyer. Good choice of music, really helped create a mood.

OMG what a masterpiece. I love it!

A fun little game. Amusing enough for an afternoon. Has anyone here made any levels that they're willing to share?

Any game that lets you pet cats is a good game to me.

Thanks, that means a lot!

When I first started making games, I was worried people wouldn't want to hear me semi-rambling about random stuff. But most people I've heard from so far seem to be fine with it, so maybe I'll keep going a while longer... Who knows?

Always love a good self-discovery story

Simple but poignant.

Very relatable!!

As someone in the middle of a long-term project and having issues with self-confidence, I needed to see this. Thank you so much.

I'm speechless... this is so good <3

mechanic-minimal walking sim?

ms paint collage aesthetics?

tastes like nostalgia?

I'm sold!!

I just rediscovered this and I strongly believe this is the first Bitsy I ever played. I definitely remember this one fondly. Thank you, and everyone else in this collab, for helping me discover (and get hooked on) the wonders of Bitsy. It's been a pleasure.

This is the most emotional investment I've had towards any article of clothing in a long time. 10 outta 10.

This is a lovely game that accurately captures the struggles of being a creative person: we usually have more ideas than we do motivation! I'm thankful for meta-games like these, where old ideas can see the light of day for a bit and not be completely forgotten.

Thank you. I was having a kinda bad day and your words have helped.

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Was not mentally prepared for my game to be streamed. If I knew it would be on video I would have probably put more effort into adding graphics or something. Thank you, but I'm not sure if I can watch, I get attention anxiety sometimes. Not a good trait to have when sharing your work on the internet, I know... but I try to manage with the cards I've been dealt.

EDIT: Tried to watch a bit and I'm cringing at my own words so hard right now. Why am I like this lol

? What does that mean?

These were great! I like that you named the pieces, that you made an effort to interpret what you were seeing and attribute your own meanings to the randomness. Very cool collection.

"Listen, I need to be both heard and hidden"
Felt that

Thanks for the quick response! I was also wondering if there's a Discord or similar platform to exchange levels and screenshots at. This feels like the kind of game that's better enjoyed with a community, and I'm trying to see if such a community exists yet.

This is great, just found it today and already having a lot of fun! My main suggestion is a search bar for the create menu so you can find your props a bit faster. (I would also love to import my own models/textures/sounds, but if that wouldn't work out I'd completely understand.) This is very swag and I'm going to enjoy it a lot.

There is an archive of Strangethink's games. I can't find a link right now but I know Art Machine was one of several games that were saved.

Great game but there are a few serious bugs:
-Going left from the first level softlocks the player into infinite falling.
-The third level's speed ramps are way too powerful. I nearly flew past the top of the level barrier.
-When you jump, Rem keeps moving even when you're not pressing any keys. (Not strictly a bug, I know, I just think platforming is better when you have a little more control over where you land.)
Overall, however, I enjoyed this short experience for what it was: a game jam game with a vivid art style and solid character designs.

A really interesting blend of stuff you've got going on here. And the 3D parts add so much to the experience. I'm still playing it as I write this, that's how cool it is.

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The online zine viewer updated and now this doesn't work. Please fix, this looks cool and I really wish I could see past the cover.

EDIT: nvm, I was dumb and didn't know to use the bottom corners to flip the pages. Once you do everything works fine. Thanks for making, these were cool to look at.

They literally give you a batch file that says "Close Goose" right on it.