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Thank you very much for letting us know. Should be fixed in the next build.

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We have been struggeling very hard  to find out why that happens on Catalina. Our lead artist actually uses a Catalina and she cannot play the game unless she creates the MAC build herself. You would think that would be the solution then but as soon as she uploades it and redownloads she gets the same error you are having. Its extremely frustrating. If we solve it I will let you know.

Haha. thanks for sharing


This is an ongoing project. And we love watching people play our game/ So if you have any footage. Please post it here.

Linux build is up.

Looking forward to it.

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Thank you for letting us know! Im gonne see if I can reproduce it.

I assume building a proper Linux build would sort out that problem. I will try and put one out this evening.

Glad you got it to work.

Out of curiosity what operating system are you running?

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Explore the world of Yokai.

Guide Kiko through a mysterious world where portals control the worlds perspective.

We made this  demo in 8 weeks as a proof of concept as part of a University assignment. Our goal is to turn this into a fullfletched published game. Would this be something you want to see fleshed out?

We are dying to hear what you think?

Heb m uitgespeeld. Het feit dat er feedback was, was mij in eerste instantie niet helemaal duidelijk.


Obvious link with guitar hero. Could be super fun.  Not sure if clicking with the mouse is ideal.

Nice implementation of the theme. Maybe having the rings move and like lorenzo said adding a bit more skills makes the game more interesting.

Challenging and fun to play. But not very original. But looks very slick.

Challenging and fun to play. But not very original. But looks very slick.

Die robot dingen hebben geen chill. De eerste encounter was schrikken. Ik hoopte een beetje dat mijn fakkel mij zou beschermen van de robots. Maar ze blijven maar komen. Volgens mij kan dit best vet woorden met meer nuance.

Intense platforming. It seems like there is only one route. But there is paths that seam to lead elsewhere but are extremely inefficient. The time pressure at the start is really tense. But ones you are ahead all that tension disappears. Maybe it would be possible to make the lava rise more dynamic?

Misschien een idee om een soort cone of revealing to maken. Op dit moment druk je op de knop en zie je alles. Er valt eigenlijk niet echt iets te ontdekken. Als je het gebied wat je revealed klein maakt moet de spelert echt op zoek naar de juiste route.

An escort mission where your escort actually follows you. Cool concept.

Maybe cool to have the enemies move before they start tracking you. So you have to react.

Scored: 121
Really fun for a game made in 3 hours.
You should consider making the area where the bullets spawn smaller. Right now you get screwed over when they spawn right on top of you.

Is greatly appreciated

Yea they take something getting used to. I have some ideas I want to implement to make it a bit less counter-intuitive. But because of the dualfunctionality of the firehose where it is a jetpack but also a firehose that puts out fires you will also have the inverted controls issues. But there is definitely things I want to improve it.

Stop the Australian Bushfires, Save the Animals!

Play it here for free:

This short little game is dedicated to the volunteers and firefighters who help rescue and shelter wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires. As students we decided to start an initiative called #Games4Australia where we created a charity game in one week or less in order to raise awareness for the ongoing crisis.  We ourselves are half a world away, but believe we can still have an impact.

Support the people fighting to rescue and shelter the wildlife go visit find out what you can do to help.

Are you an aspiring developer or professional then we urge to join our Games4Australia discord:

It has been one week and this has been what we were able to create. But we will mostly likely add more content in the following weeks. So be sure to follow on twitter: for future updates.