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I was wondering if it was possible to add a date system to the 'Sale Conditions' where someone must own another product of yours. Like being able to give a sale to people that had supported by having already bought another product before a set date, as a kind of thank you. In addendum to that, the same idea, but for after a set date.  Preferably both in the same system, maybe even having the ability to choose a time between two certain dates.

My example is if I want to offer a remastered version of something, and anybody that buys the original, because it's cheaper, and later decides to get the remaster, can basically upgrade because of the discount. But particularly for anybody that had already bought the original, before the remastered was released, can get an even higher discount for having supported the original in the past.

Something like this, n/a to represent "any time before" and if the spots were swapped it'd obviously represent "any time after"