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Thanks for your comment! :)

We wanted to favor the player but it needs some play testing  to adjust difficulty indeed!

Nice little puzzle game! The tutorial is clear and the levels are challenging enough. And thanks for the Linux build!

Hey I wanted to let you know the game doesn't launch on the web version on my end it's all black with a purple title. Since I can't play it I won't rate it, no worries!

Cool concept! It reminds me of "Kind words: Lo fi chill beats to write to" (yes that's the name of the game)

My experience wasn't the best because of toxic messages though but it's not your fault.

By the way I'm wondering: are the HTTP requests encrypted?

The art style is cool with the particles and all.

One thing to improve: As people said the air control has to be more in favor of the player.

Hard to play but the idea is original!

That's one of the most original games from the jam to me!

One thing to improve: Camera could be de zoomed a bit since it's hard to find the asked fish.

The controls feel good and it's playable by 2 persons, pretty cool!

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Nice pixel art (and page!) :)

One thing to improve: When the dialog appears I had to press press the left key exactly when I clicked on continue to avoid falling in the pit, maybe use a timer?

The story incorporated in the tutorial is a good idea and I understood what to do very fast!

Just letting you know I'm on Linux and tried to launch the game with Wine and I could go on the menu but clicking play left me on a grey screen.

Well, I won't know what the game feels like so... No rating! ^^

Nice animations and simple graphic style!

One thing to improve: I pushed the generator all the way to the left and... It couldn't move anymore lol! So maybe you can add a shape where the player could jump on while being able to push the generator which stops on it.

Pretty cool to see some Godot mates! :D

The tutorial explained very well what to do so I got the hang on the mechanics pretty fast. That was fun to play! :)

Merci beaucoup!

Parfois tout faire tout un seul en peu de temps c'est assez compliqué effectivement! ^^

The puzzle mechanics are simple to understand yet pretty cool. I had fun finishing them one by one but I go stuck on a text box I couldn't skip lol.

Had fun playing this game, nice one!


The environment had to be built at the end so we had to come up with a simple solution with the time left we had but we'll surely update it!

The object interaction is simply because I decided to use a raycast instead of an area to avoid triggering several objects at a time but in the end there is some space around them. It also created this distance problem. So I'll go for the initial solution which was the area and make its range much better.

The first level is not a bug but rather something people didn't understand and we'll have to make it more clear in the next update. There is a color order but there is also an order in the 2 plates of the same colors themselves.

Thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed it as well! :)

Thanks! All hail the underwear card!

Ah is your game made with UE5? If so then that's why I can't play it on Linux since the compatibility tools to run Windows games are not updated yet.

As a result I have jumping artifacts and I can't see anything :/

I just wanted to let you know that. Don't worry I won't rate since it wouldn't be very fair! ^^

Cool idea with a nice lil' FPS!

I was a bit confused about what to do with the objectives so maybe you can make the targets on the towers a bit more obvious.

The narration / story was pretty funny, good job!

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Hey I wanted to let you know I can't play your game because I'm on Linux but the compatibility tools to run Windows games are not updated for Unreal Engine 5 yet. (Which I suppose you use since I recognized the music ^^ )

I understand you can't really upload a web version since performance can drop drastically with 3D but in the end I can't play it on my machine since there are weird jumping artifacts everywhere.

I didn't rate your game since it wouldn't be fair.

Well, I'll just say it looks good on the screenshots! ^^

Simple and effective. I mean it's a game made of cubes but the difficulty (my braiiin help!) + juicing was making this simple concept interesting!

Considering you didn't have much time to create this game this is pretty cool!

Thanks! :)

Hi alan! Without much playtesting it was hard to balance the difficulty so we wanted to favor the player to avoid frustrating him as much as possible.

We didn't want to add obstacles avoidance since the game was more of a chill experience.

Since it was also a game jam (our team had crazy schedules too!) we didn't have time for such ideas (and we had a lot, trust me!) but we had to focus on something simple to finish it in time. However we'll update the game for sure!

Thanks for you comment!

Thanks for your comment it's appreciated! :)

The movement speed will be fixed in the post jam update!

Interesting take on the theme.

That'd be cool to be able to add some furniture to block the shots so that you have to move around to get a different angle.

Nice drawings... And name!  ^^

Very nice art direction! The game play is also quite innovative.

One thing you could improve is the dictionary UI. If you scroll, it does scroll the web page. (Not that obvious to fix I guess) and clicking to drag the vertical bar makes it disappear so I had no way to read the words bellow.

The humor was pretty cool! ^^

Besides the characters speed what do you think we can improve?

Sorry for the inconvenience but glad you still enjoyed it!

Thanks! Maybe you'll get a match, who knows... ;)

Hey! We actually thought about maybe adding some kind of scoring system indeed, we'll have to think about it!


Thanks a lot!

Thanks you for your comment, I appreciate it!

Thanks for your comment, we're glad you liked it! :)

Hey Yorkie thanks for your playtest on Level 2, your constructive feedback helped a lot! :)

The sound was readjusted only once but we didn't really have time to fine tune it so it is very loud for now. We'll update it after the jam and add an options menu!

Level design was something we had to work hard for so I'm pretty happy it was effective for you! All the assets were made by our amazing team so they'll be happy to hear that! ^^

The walls were no even textured since we didn't have time to create textures for a tilemap. The easy solution was to generate a polygon and fill it with a color so that's why it looks that way. So I agree it needs a little bit more love!

Thanks for your comment and we'll update the game for sure! :)

Thanks a lot for your comment! :)

Very cool game! I love the concept and the simple models you used.

If you could improve the room size to avoid colliding with furniture that'll be even better!

The random generation for objectives is a good + !

Very simple to understand but hard to master! Everything works very well and it's well polished. It was fun to play!

One thing you could do is lowering the difficulty or add more levels of difficulty since games tend to be quite short for me but I'm maybe I'm just slow haha! ^^

I liked the fact you could delete the words, pretty cool!

Now that's natural selection! :P Original idea, the art style goes well with this kind of dark but humorous atmosphere.

One little thing I didn't find obvious though is which characters have more value than others so maybe you could have a way to let the players know in level 1. (Unless I didn't see it)

Other than that I had enough time to make decisions which is pretty nice, I had fun!

First of all thanks for your feedback!

Level design is something we had to work hard for so we're happy you did understand what to do!

There was a special order for the color by pairs but in each pair you had to find and order as well. I understand it can be confusing so what do you think we can do about that?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Merci du retour!

Le level design est une chose que l'on a beaucoup réfléchi alors on est contents de voir que ça porte ses fruits!

Oui c'est vrai qu'on était dans le rush alors on a un peu mis des couleurs random sans trop faire attention, mais maintenant on a le temps pour et ce sera fait! On s'était effectivement demandé si on devait laisser les notes à cet endroit ou les montrer en permance mais c'est vrai que ça aurait été trop facile! ^^

On avait prévu de faire une fin qui change avec la façon dont on joue mais c'était un peu short aussi. Donc ce sera pour la prochaine mise à jour après la période des votes! :)

Ok good! ^^

Yes I hope Godot will provide its own support for sound but for now they are working on the 3D features with version 4.0 so we might have to wait a little bit more. The more people will use it, the more Fmod team is going to invest into Godot support. (There are only 2 modules made by community for now) This game engine deserves a lot of love but it has yet to get some hits in production.

Alright then! :)

Thanks! We gave a lot of importance to the theme so good thing you talked about it! :)

Hi! Do you think it should be presented in another way to make people understand it's a puzzle game? If so how?

We wanted to implement the instruments that way indeed but we couldn't get the Fmod plugin working on Godot. (which has poor support for that for now, it needs more people asking for it) We didn't really have time to address this issue in the game jam so I had to hardcode it. But we're thinking about using WWise which might help a lot!

Oh you finished the game that's pretty cool! Was the extra item you talked about a card? If so I'll just let you know that's intended but it definitely needs to disappear when the level is over.

Thanks for your comment! ^^