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it's so cute! i can't do better than 3rd place but i had fun trying!

Thank you so much for playing the game, and I'm glad you're having fun! I've seen a lot of chess players and non-chess players play it, and the single biggest difference between the two groups is that the non-chess players all have a hard time visualizing knights and bishops at first. It's not just you!

One shortcut that makes things a bit easier is that bishops only hit squares the same color as the one that they're standing on, and knights only hit squares that are the opposite color to the one that they're standing on. But it still takes a while to get used to them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy puzzle mode and the rest of the game!

No problem! The demo isn't on itch and the Download Demo button is hard to spot on Steam, so it's easy to not notice it

I hope you enjoy the game when you buy it! In the meantime, there's no demo on itch yet but there's a Download Demo button on the Steam store page

congrats on releasing the game!! I was completely blown away during testing, and I can't wait for everyone else to experience it now that it's out!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for all of your help! The game would have been much worse without you!

Thanks! It's something I'm interested in and I plan on looking into it, but I don't want to promise anything until I'm 100% sure that I have the time and means to do it.