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One of the beat short spooky games I’ve played on here in a while, really enjoyed making this!

it’s highly likely I will! Good luck!

A treat, I enjoyed the writing quite a lot!
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I really enjoyed this, wish it was longer!

I play a LOT of spooky games and this one is up there. Very good stuff, will be keeping my eye out for more Bite Size Terrors!

Even though the game isn't flawless I really enjoyed my time with it, I can see that a lot of effort was put into it!

Criminally short indeed, but you managed a lot of atmosphere in a very short time!

Absolutely delightful, hectic, amazing visuals and took not a second longer than it needed to take

I feel like a broken record at this point but GOD DAMN this is yet another masterpiece. I had a blast narrating this.

I had a blast with this, great job! Dialogue could use some work, but overall keep at it!

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Loved every second! I was sad to see the game was over just as it began. Incredible job on the world building, can't wait for more!

I had a fantastic time with this. As with all of your games, the unique mechanics are very fun to play around with while the spooky lore and atmosphere are very intriguing. Already looking forward to your next project!

I am so ready for the rest of this.

Lixian, I love your game but please invite me to your party next time instead of making me clean up the mess

Fantastic game, equal parts nostalgic and spooky. Really reminds me of World of Horror which is, as far as I’m concerned, the highest praise! Looking forward to the rest!

As gorgeous as it is terrifying, thanks for all the hard work Yames!


Great beginnings to what I assume will be a glorious career as a graphics designer. Awesome and very spooky game!

I had a blast with this game, one of the most tense horror games I’ve played in a hot minute!

had a disproportionate amount of fun with this demo, I play a lot of these but I’m genuinely excited about this coming out as a full game!
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In my ongoing quest to play EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. that Yames has ever released; I just published a video on the game that made him a household name in the spooky entities community.

Watch it. With your eyes. 

I only just read this was the first time you made a game. That’s insane! The quality is much higher than many other developers out there eon their 10th game.

I'm narrating every single Yames game that has seen the light of day, GET IN HERE.

(ly Yames)

Really enjoyed the aesthetic, I could tell a lot of love went into this. I look forward to seeing your future projects!


I have dug up your shady past, Yames, I have brought to light the skeletons in your closet
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I have dug up your shady past, Yames, I have brought to light the skeletons in your closet

I have dug up your shady past, Yames. I have brought to light the skeletons in your closet.

If this is what you can do in a week I'd love to see what this developer can do given more time!

I went into this with zero expectations and got blown away. The visuals, the writing.. I am really looking forward to the full release!

I finished it all. Thanks again Yames, I will now go back into hibernation in anticipation for your next release.
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I feel like a broken record at this point but GOD DAMN this is yet another masterpiece. I had a blast narrating this.

My eyes hurt, my brain hurts, my soul hurts.

I am hopelessly in love with the audio and aesthetics of this game. Thank you.

I can see that a lot of love got put into the making of this game, it’s not perfect but I’m certain it will get better and better over the next few parts!

I had a lot of fun playing trash man, great stuff. I look forward to seeing what your next game will look like!

My only wish would be for this to be more spooky and morbid, but that's up to personal preference! Gameplay was fantastic, can't wait for the full release.

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throughly enjoyed this. I played a number of xmas horror games around this period and this one stood out to me as having the most potential. Great stuff!

Another beautiful day in this game. I was wondering if this had anything more to add after the first area, but it really seems like I'm in for a ride.