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Hi, yes you can send me the log of the error, so we'll try to help you!

Hi lambo.

Technically just press the ESC button to exit from the options menu and return to the game, that's strange... can you better explain your problem?

We're sorry for the inconvenience of motion sickness, it is probably also due to "woobing camera" effect.

In the final game it will be possible disable this effect, however, we will take your feedback into account.

Hi Sub Atomic Quark, thanks for your reporting.

There was actually a setup problem in itch for the Linux version of the demo, please try again and let us know how it goes.

Hi TigerFox.

The demo published here technically is no longer true to the final game, because we're revise all the settings (just check out our IndieDB page) and probably we'll remove it shortly.

if you wanna make a series you're free to do that, we only ask that you take this factor into account

oh and we almost forgot : nice video !

Hi drgingersnaps, sorry for the delay.

At first congratulation, you have found one of two hidden flashback: The beach.

The entire game is based on remembering what happened to the protagonist through the flashbacks, and in this demo we have hidden two: who plays the demo is free to interpret these flashbacks as he wants.

You have found the first flashback, the beach, we hope that you will find the second flashback (it seems that still no one has actually found).

So if you want keep looking these flashbacks, good luck and let us know!

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This is a horror game, it's normal that you start panicking :P

if you have any advice, opinion or feedback about the game we are happy to listen to them

you can't, you have to run away and try as many as possible clues as to why you are there

You're inside an abandoned hospital, alone, without memories, and the memories are the key of everything.

Artwork by alessandro Castelli Gattinara, © 2015

Is the real life? no, you are not in the real life, you can notice this almost immediately: every times you die, you reborn in another place of the Hospital, this another and another and another times, a loop without a way out.

But you can not stay in this Hospital, you must escape!
It is heartbreaking, like stay in the hell... But how to escape? well, maybe you have a friend, maybe.

She's not a human, a human is not transparent and grey, obvious, maybe a ghost? an entity? you don't know, but it seems that she knows you well, strange.

and the memories?

yes, the memories, maybe the memories is the way to escape from here... why? don't know, but she want you to remember.

Sometimes, she can take you out, out of the Hospital: in the real life? Not exactly, she take you inside your memories, memories born in the real world: born in a house or in a beach.

And, with this memories, with this flashback of the real life, you can find the you of the real life, and for now i can tell you only one thing: what you were before you wake up in this limbo, is the key to everything...

But please, stay tuned, we're preparing more thing to show you, i have not yet said anything