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Thank you for your feedback. 

Yes, you're right! 

All of my assets are compatible for nearly all game engines ;) 

Thanks for your feedback. :) 

It's nice to hear that. 

Sadly the link isn't working. 

You're welcome 

No problem, it's a royalty free license. 

You can use it for any kind of projects, but you're not permitted to resell it. 

Yes of course 

Yes of course! 

Just send me an email ( 

I'll send you some samples. 


thanks for getting in touch with us.

Since it is grid based (like for the RPG Maker series), it should also be usable in 'Tiled'.
You've to use the grid files in the rpg-maker folders.
Therefore my answer is yes. Just define the grid in 'Tiled' correctly and it should work.
(But I'vnt tested it.)

Best Regards,

You're welcome 

You could use it in Unity or UE4 but also tile mapping via Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape or similar programs are totally fine. 

I think it depends on you, which way you prefer to set up your game. 

There a lot more creatures like these planned. Also humans as battler, but it takes me a little time to create these graphics. 

Of course! 

You can use all my asset packs here for your commercial projects! =) 

I've created some Creature / Monster asset packs (animated and with no animation). ;) 

Just go to my portfolio here on 

Everything in the content pictures is included. This means also the 'grass-texture'.
This isn't a tile as you would know it for instance from rpg-makers.
It's more like parallax mapping techniques. I had applied a few adjustments and I've painted a way over the grass texture.
You can either use Photoshop, Gimp or Krita (last both are freeware). Or whatever you want. 
This set doesn't include any other complex ground textures or ground tiles. Hence everyone has to create his own individual ground textures.

Hi if it's again a question about creating unique assets or to use this assets in a unique way, than the answer for both products will be no.
There's no way for me to create assets for one unique lizenz. If it's not so and you're not one of you collegues, who has asking me a similar question a while ago, than please reply to this post and I'll contact you.

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You can build your own castle more or less with all this objects. :)
A castle (prefab) is not included. 
But nevertheless 202 objects in this cartoon style are included. 
I'm planning to release a Volume 2 and / or Volume 3 of this series, but I think this take me a while to create.
More stuff will come in 2018 (as separate packages).