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Yeah, chaos destruction. Unfortunately, it's still in beta so I suppose I got what I asked for regarding bugs haha.

Very cool art style! Too hard on keyboard but controller should be fun.

I genuinely had fun! The steering was difficult but it works with the game. Really really wish we had a checkpoint at the bottom of the level near the lava. That tube is too long. Great job!

Thank you so much! That means a lot

Cool atmosphere, scary at times! Would've liked some screen effects for an indication of when you're losing health. The map is HUGE, some parts are strange (I walked through a door and fell out the map and also walked into a room where I kept losing health even when no creatures were near me). Besides a few little issues here and there the art and UI are amazing for a 1 week jam! Gameplay direction is a little confusing and I really wish the map showed me where I was. + No camera shake when the boss jumps down ;) Overall very impressive!

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The graphics are amazing! A bit confusing though. Would've liked an interactive tutorial.

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Over past week or so I developed a simple prototype for a tower defense (like) game where you gather resources, build a base, grow food, and explore a small planet. I can't really judge for myself how fun or lasting the game is, (as I already know the strategy and mechanics) so... I was hoping some players might give it a quick test and provide some feedback :). I realize the tutorial isn't as good as it should be but I left a lot to be discovered and wanted to see how intuitive the tools/mechanics are. Some of the waves are imbalanced and the sound in places, is pretty terrible (Headphone warning sorry).

If you want to play without any knowledge of monsters, plants, etc. You should skip past the part below.

* Spoiler Warning *

There are five monsters

  • Goblin (Little green guys) low damage, low health, large numbers
  • Orc (Large green guys) Higher damage, lowish health, lower numbers
  • Mage (Purple magic shooters) Medium ranged damage, lowish health, medium numbers
  • Wolf (Grey blobs) Super low damage, low health, high numbers
  • Dragon (Large red fire breathing blob) High damage, High health, Scarce (In early waves these guys are weak however 20+ they start to get huge buffs.)

There are five plants

  • Lettuce Grows fast, low energy
  • Banana Like lettuce but smaller
  • Star fruit Good energy, compact
  • Carrot Basically same as banana
  • Mellon Best imo, large slow growth, but high yield and high energy.
  • + tree sapling

There are a number of craft-able building blocks here are some notable ones

  • Water tub Holds over 10 times the capacity of the water bucket great for watering crops at night.
  • Wood pile Bring it with you to the forest and harvest lots of wood
  • Stone pile Holds lots of stone (No large deposits of stone on the planet, and it takes a while to harvest so its better just to store excess)
  • Crafting bench Multiple bench's means crafting in parallel this speeds up early development a lot.
  • Normal turret Deals average damage, and takes a beating.
  • Rapid turret Great for taking on hordes.
  • Sniper turret Long range deals heavy blows (one shot on all except orc, and dragon), slow reloading.
  • Crop Simple small slow crop block. (maybe in the future Ill add fertilizer and make farming more involved)

Upgrades (I know the upgrade menu looks terrible) There are more but these are the 3 best imo.

  • Turret damage Buff this later game.
  • Crafting speed This is great early game.
  • Crafting cost Very helpful late game when resources are scarcer.

Tools there are only 4

  • Fire ball Helpful early game when you have no turrets. Low damage, eats lots of energy.
  • Ice ball Same as fire ball different color. (I was thinking about co-op)
  • Water bucket Click on the sea to gather water and click on plants to water them.
  • Shovel Digs up rocks, hold click for 5+ sec

* End Spoiler Warning *

Here is a dev time-lapse if you're interested

I hope to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

Play/Tutorial Here