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I can't export to Linux without a Linux device, and I don't have any

Thanks! Hopefully I can get a Mac version out some day soon. Linux may still be a ways away however.

I plan to some day in the future! It's not on the agenda at the moment, however.

The native resolution without the borders on is 7:9!

Whoops, I meant to do that before sending the update out but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder!

I'd say it's possible! I don't have the time to figure that out myself, but I'm also curious to see if it could really be done.

I may look into it in the future!

The game should be able to switch over to a gamepad automatically when you connect it. If that isn't working then I'd suggest Joy2Key as a temporary solution. What kind of joystick are you using?

I can try to look into it some day!


Version 1.1 is now live! Check out the changelog here:

The game was made in Game Maker Studio 2!

A demo version is available on the SAGE website!

They all do! I'll leave what those strategies actually are up for you to figure out though ;)

Thanks! There's not really a particular "one size fits all" strategy that works with every stage. Every snake has its own strategies for reaching the player and choosing what tunnel to go through, however.

Nope, this page is just to purchase the version. If you want the game on Steam then you'll have to buy it on there.

I thought I fixed that before I put up the page but apparently not. It should say "released" now though!