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I managed to get one wing I think but I guess I may need 2. I think I need to draw a map of the place. Got "stuck" in an area of complete darkness - don't know if it's a bug or part of the story. When I try to go back there's a sort of animation that looks like lightning has hit me but he keeps running into the darkness...endlessly...

This was actually quite fun! I enjoyed all the game mechanics you demo'd here. The momentum makes it a bit challenging to control but I got used to it. I hope you build on this further!

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This has such a nostalgic feel to it - reminds me of the games I used to play on the NES. The intro scene, premise and character design are hilarious! I played the web version but it was pretty difficult and I'm guessing it will be much more fun with a controller on the download version. Super challenging - I still haven't been able to get past the guys in the one room where they shoot from top/bottom/right at the same time. This is so well put together I love it and I know I'm going to keep at it until I beat the game! Was this built on Godot?

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Very simple but very well executed. The graphics are nice and attractive. I think it will be even better if there was more consistency in the art style - e.g. just having a solid black outline to the hearts and the background pyramids/clouds would make it consistent with the character/blades and make it look like they go together. Likewise for the fonts - you can make the outline slightly thicker in TextMeshPro. My favourite part is the fact that the instructions screen lets you actually control the character and test it out. I had fun playing!

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Really nice game you got here! The music is the best part - creepy and space like. Took me a while to win on easy mode - the visibility mechanic makes it especially difficult and scary when an enemy suddenly appears right next to you! I actually didn't realise those big things I was shooting were the bases. I just thought they were a different enemy type and I'm too busy trying to stay alive to pay attention to the fact that the enemy bases remaining counter had gone down to zero. Perhaps add a bit of indication to highlight when you spot a base (as part of your tutorial?) and also a more flashy indication when you destroy one so the gamer feels satisfied they accomplished part of their goal? Really well put together! Had fun.

That did the trick! Not sure why it worked since other empty profiles show up (e.g. creator id: scorplings). Thanks for that though, appreciate the help.

I hope this also helps get my game indexed. Right now even though my creator profile pops up in the search, it lists me as having 0 projects.

So I'm having some difficulty getting my game indexed, but one thing I've noticed is that I can't even search and find my own creator id. I have a support ticket open to check why my game isn't indexed since I've gone through the entire game indexing checklist but no response yet. Is there something I'm doing wrong that would cause my creator id not to appear in search?

Wow this is a really cool game concept. Very well executed - from art to storytelling to level design that introduces the game mechanics. Great job!

Wow this is an amazing game concept and very well executed. Love the art style and animations from Colorbomb. The game mechanic of the area getting smaller as time progresses is genius and so is flipping the hourglass to switch roles.

This is done really well. The level designs are challenging and I really love the art style.

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A cool game concept - the mechanic to restrict the view inside the cardboard box is very interesting. The art style with the pencil drawings goes well with the game story. I would love to see this developed further.

Game concept and execution is amazing. The detail you put into things like the music and colour all make this a great game with simplicity. Awesome job.

Wow! Really well made game with a cool game mechanic. I have to say I have no idea how to get past the third level - my bar runs out before I get within range of any of the guards!

This is a really cool game mechanic for a stealth game. Very steep learning curve for me - I spent a long time just on the first level just practicing how to latch onto a guard without being seen. I love the darkness and visibility range - the atmosphere is done very well.

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I love the variety of game mechanics and strategy you can employ in this game. The switching between the abilities is done very well and I also think the art style is cool! Very interested in hearing your thoughts on using the A* Pathfinding vs the pathfinding provided by Unity.

This was quite challenging to play! I quickly realised that z to dash was more my friend than x to slash. I like the spotlight game mechanic in this game. Great job!