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Fun! Thanks for sharing!

Agreed, thanks!

Thanks! Yeah, there has been a hand full of drumming style keyboards that have come out bet never caught on. I was trying to see if something larger that would encourage larger arm movements/swinging would feel more satisfying. It felt good, but was a little hit and miss. I tried putting some keys further away too which helped....but  I learned that for a large keyboard, the narrow field of view of the Quest was a bit of a hindrance.

For another experiment, I'm considering having the keys come at you, spawning in on a loop, Beatsaber-style. That would solve the narrow field of view issue.

Good idea. Makes sense when compared to the more delicate process of typing with hands/fingers.  Thank you!

Tried it out just now. Lots of fun! Slightly disconcerting to have the piñata say ow! or oof, lol. Made me feel bad, haha. I liked the relaxed nature of the game though. Great sounds/music. Might be a good app for newcomers to VR to get used to basics, etc. Kudos!

Just tried it. It was a blast! My favorite dynamic was running head on into the glass walls and object. Great sounds, obviously. Would have like the glass sound louder than the music though.

It was an odd sensation that everything kept healing itself so quickly. It was kind of like trying to make a room messy while watching it slowly clean itself back up again...

Anyway, super fun. Maybe for future a idea you could add glass giants (enemies) that you could knock over by smashing their shoes or something?

Nice colors! I hope to get to try this one.

Ooh, gotta try this! Congrats on finishing...

Ooh, gonna try this out tomorrow! Can't wait to walk on some broken glass... Kudos on making this happen, dude! 

See the video on the project page : )