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The game is amazing!
This is a really great cookie clicker type game, really simple idea.

Although I wasn't able to buy anything after Idle and I earned gold by spam clicking the Earn Gold button. Overall, it's a great game ngl, would be my top 3 IF you added more things to it.

Well done!

This game is very interesting!
I am glad that you are motivated after making this and I am hoping you will continue with this game!

The graphics are very nice, although you used the assets. The idea of having to choose a bullet to destroy the target instead of only spamming the fire button is interesting and it requires some reflexes to do so (which I did poorly lol). One thing this game needs is some music and sfx. You should also include settings since the sensitivity of moving left and right is very high and uncomfortable.
Overall, pretty good for a no code game, infact this would be my top 3. Well done!

I'm going to be honest with you, this game me a scare a little whenever I go up. The game is pretty good and the graphics are alright. One thing that I like the most is the "horror" is very funny in here (imo).

You can add some music at the beginning and when you reach the end the music will stop, I believe it would add more life to it and add to that laughable horror you have in there.

Overall, pretty good job for the intension to make it bad.

Sorry for the late reply.

There are no age restrictions :)

This jam is about making a game without coding, which means you have to use some sort of drag and drop interface.

A good example of this is Scratch, Clickteam Fusion and Blueprints in Unreal Engine. 

If you cannot get your hands on similar game engines or wanna stick with your own, you can do that but you must leave a comment in the submissions that you did use some sort of code in your game OR look for an extension that makes it have a drag and drop interface (such as Volt for Unity).

Also please join our discord server which you can find on the jam page to find a team and ask questions, I am more active there.

Hello! Sorry that I am late.
Engines that have drag and drop interface or doesn't require coding is allowed. If you have a game engine that has an extension that is drag and drop (such as Blueprints for Unreal Engine). Ren'py requires code so it doesn't count. However, I will think about if I should allow people that are beginners to try programming without drag and drop interface. In out future jams, you can use Ren'py :D

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I am mostly active on Discord.

Hello Everyone! I decided to post a sticky note just in case someone thinks I am lazy. I am actually waiting for more people to post their games with their late submission link.

Since I don't want people to wait, I will make sure to test all the games as soon as possible, along with the help of Greytercakes. Please reply to this sticky post if you have an important bug fix or couldn't post the game on time.

- Best regards, Cross!Alex21.

If you want to submit your game I can send you a late submission link for your game (if it's done ofc). If you just joined the jam, well, you can make something in the next jam. We will allow 1 week only for people who haven't submitted their game on time.

Best regards, Cross!Alex21!

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Hello Krumpet!
That's unfortunate, however, I can send you an late submission link for your game.

Here's the submission link:

One thing I would like you to do is to convert your game to an executable not .love file. This is because some people might think this is a virus and other stuff cause .love file is not common. I understand it's a game file, but just in case. If it's not possible then you can keep the .love file.

Best regards, Cross!Alex21!

Of course :D

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Hey Sieman0021!

Just spoke with the other host and we agreed that it's alright.

Good luck on the jam :D

Rip-off is a game that is similar to existing games. You can take a look at Super Mario for rip-offs.

It's alright :D

He decided to end his jams. He's doing fine (as said by Caveware Digital).

I have created a group called I Can't Game which is just continuing his work and we are making an tribute/honor to him. Checkout my latest jam and you will see what I am talking about.

Hello everyone!
I am happy to see people joining this jam and me and Greytercakes are excited to play your games!

This jam is about trying your best and making a knockoff game on purpose.

The jam is starting in 6 days (as of november 6th), so if you want to, you can join our discord server and find a team!
Reply for more info or ask us directly on this discord server!


You probably don't remember me, but I am from charlmes I Can't Draw gamejam and I started developing again. Currently, I am updating my existing game which will be the biggest update ever done. Lot's of new features, bug fixes and improved debugger will be included.

Anyways, that was just to refresh your mind. I saw that 1500 participants have joined, which is A LOT! I don't know who will be the judge, but if you need any help, please ask me and I would be happy to moderate the games and watch these people make their ideas into a reality.

Good luck, jammers!

- Cross!Alex21

Can't wait for the next one.

I have 1 game jam starting in 6 days and I have been working on a bot for a discord server.
Can't wait to play these games!

I missed the starting line and I have like 5 hours to make a game. Can I post a game that I've made for another jam? I used the same drag and drop game engine.

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I have been focusing on other things so I didn't really pay attention to the startline.

Can I post a game that I made for another jam (since I used a drag and drop game engine)?

Will there be future jams from you?

edit: nvm, the theme of the jam is Mood, while the game that I made is a horror game.

Kinda like Batch in Windows I would say.
And script editor like notepad or something.

Jesus that is a lot of lines of conditions just for a home screen.

Anyways, I wish you good luck on making this into a success for something made in a drag and drop interface.
Also, will you include a script editor or some sorts?
(sorry for asking this much questions but this is the first time seeing this)

By the way, how much lines of conditions does it have?

This looks very advanced! And yeah, I will be up to date with cubeOS

I have never thought that someone will make an OS in Clickteam fusion and look so good!

Nice job man!

I believe they aren't in the same time. Even if it was, I would need to wait for the assets to be made by an artist that I am collaborating with, so I will have plenty amount of time making a game for No Code jam. I have an unfinished project, but it would take a long time to make since it uses pathfinding which is pretty hard to do in a Drag and Drop engine.

I can try remaking a tycoon game that I made a long time ago, just to see how I improved in over these past 3 years or so.

I have 2 jams. One that is about telling a story, and this game jam.

I have a lot of work to do, don't I?

Clickteam Fusion has a drag and drop interface with no coding required. Can we use it then?

Congrats on the best story telling game in the jam!

I want to release a new version of my game and I already have 6 uploaded files (2 of them are visible) and every time I want to upload, it doesn't create a new file, it just overrides the old one. So I have 2 questions:

Do I need to delete the old file and upload a new one or I can just upload the file and the file will be replaced? If so, will this effect the downloads count?
What is the max. limit of uploading files?